2016 Gathering of First Nations and Peoples

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Terms of Proceedings - SU 2016 Gathering

Terms of Proceedings

Terms amended 25/10/2015, 17/9/2016

Due to the nature of the struggle unfortunately we have had detractors who in past meetings have sought to disrupt the proceedings. Most of our people undertake great effort to attend these Gatherings and everyone expects to be able to focus on the matters at hand in the limited time frame. To avoid interruptions again, we ask that you agree to these terms and conditions to ensure the gathering goes smoothly.

Sovereign Union, the convenor, on the 26th and 27th of November 2016 at the conference venue room located at Old Parliament House in Canberra calls for the annual ‘Gathering of Nations’ for all First Nations & Peoples of the Southern land mass continent known as Australia to attend.

Mutual Agreement
Terms of Proceedings

All registered participants and delegates agree to the terms outlined below to maintain efficiency and flow for the Gathering of Nations formal proceedings. Any conduct on the day of proceedings that contravenes the agreed upon Terms of Proceedings will render any participant excluded from the event.

  1. Terms of Proceedings
    1. Everyone has the right to speak and the facilitator holds the floor and allows all to speak in an orderly manner.

    2. Everyone has the right to be heard and any interruptions will incur a warning by the facilitator. Anyone that receives three warnings will then render themselves excluded from the events proceedings.
    3. Everyone is in agreement that abusive language is non-conducive to the events proceeding and will render any participants excluded from the event. The facilitator will caution participants and anyone receiving three warnings will then render themselves excluded from the events proceedings.   
    4. Any abusive or threatening physical conduct at the events proceeds will render any participants excluded immediately from the events proceedings.
  2. Contesting facilitator’s judgment

    1. Any participant of the event that is not satisfied with the facilitator’s actions during the proceeding. Then a complaint can be lodged with administration and reviewed by the convenor of the event.
      1. I. All complaints need to be placed in writing to the administration and will be responded to in writing from the convenor.