Moree Sovereign Union Interim Government Gathering - Agenda

Next meeting: Moree NSW on 28th & 29th July 2012  - pdf Meeting Agenda
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Interim National Unity Government of the
Sovereign Union
Draft No 4 - Additional info: 21/07/12
Moree Sovereign Union Interim Government Gathering
Saturday 28 July 2012
8:30 – 9:30am Registration of delegates and participants at Moree Embassy
10:00am March through main street of Moree then to Embassy
11:00am Welcome to Country and Dance of the Warriors
11.30am Introduction to Sovereign Union & Interim Government Agenda
Presenter: Michael Anderson - Euahlayi/Gomeroi
Co-ordinator of the National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union
11:45am Comments, questions and suggestions, additions and alterations to
proposed agenda. Adopt agenda.
Facilitator: Madeline McGrady
12:00pm Feedback on developments and progress of the Sovereign Union
Facilitator: Toni Manton - Karuah
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Crown and Australia governments' responses to enquiries and
assertions of sovereignty
Facilitator: Alf Priestly – Gomeroi
Presenters: Fred Hooper - Murrawarri,
Neville Chappy Williams – Wiradjuri
Adrian Burragubbar – Wirdi
Michael Anderson, - Euahlayi/Gomeroi
2:30pm Asserting Sovereignty - Strategies for ways forward
Facilitator: Judulu - Yarrabah
Explanation by Michael Anderson
Q & A
3:00pm Afternoon tea
3:15pm Workshops on strategies for ways forward to assert sovereignty ... including Youth Workshop on approach to the constitutional reform issues etc.
4:45pm Workshop reports to full gathering
Facilitator: Fred Hooper
5:30pm Yarn Up and Sing-a-longs at the Embassy's fires
Sunday 29 July 2012
9:00am Need for unity and alliances - Open Session
Facilitator: Donna Jackson, Larrakia nation, Darwin tbc
Presenters: Lara Pullin - Gundugarra, tbc
Coco Wharton - Kooma nation
10:30am Morning tea
11:00am Self-determination and governance
Facilitator: Adrian Burragubbar - Wirdi nation
Presenters: TBA
  1. United Nations Charter and UN resolutions on "Friendly Relations " 1981
  2. Community policing
  3. Establishing First Nations judicial systems

Presenters: Alf Priestly and Michael Anderson

11:30am Workshop on above issues
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Feedback from workshops
2:00pm International actions
Facilitator: Sandra Onus, Portland Aboriginal Embassy TBC
Presenters: Lara Pullin, Michael Anderson and other voluntary Speakers
3:00pm Afternoon tea
3:30pm Establishing Sovereign Union Secretariat and information bureau
Facilitator: Madeline McGrady, Gomeroi
Open and general discussion
4:00pm Role of non-Aboriginal supporters in the Sovereignty movement and
The Sovereign Union
Facilitator: Dr Alessandro Pelizzon
4:45pm Announcement of next gathering of Sovereign Union Interim Government and Closing ceremony lead by Alf Priestly
Inquiries Alf Priestly - Gomeroi 0416 966 852
Michael Anderson: - Euahlayi/Gomeroi 0427 292 492