Euahlayi Peoples Republic appoint their Provisional Executive Council of State

Media Release

Goodooga, NSW 29 October 2013

At the Provisional Executive Council of State meeting of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic on Saturday the 26 October various Ministerial Portfolios were allocated:

  • Ghillar Michael Anderson was elected Head of State
  • Phillip Hall was allocated Secretary of State
  • Angela Huston was allocated Treasury
  • Jason Dreise was allocated Environment and Cultural Heritage
  • Peter Brockhurst was allocated Economic Development, Mining and Trade
  • Edgar Draper was allocated Sport and Recreation
  • Dr. Mayrah Dreise was allocated Education, Language and Culture
  • Pam Touma was allocated Tourism, Events and Gaming
  • Justice and Foreign Affairs is the responsibility of the Head of State
  • Eric Fernando Jnr was allocated Health and Wellbeing
  • Stephen Forrester was allocated Post-Colonial Reconstruction, Public Works and Infrastructure

Ghillar Michael Anderson said from Goodooga today:

In our first ever sitting, we workshopped each of the portfolios and it was explained that each Executive Minister of State now has responsibilities to achieve outcomes for the Peoples of the Euahlayi Nation. []

Everyone understands the enormous challenges ahead but has concluded that this is what our ancestors would want and our current generations need. We are no longer beggars in our country. We will no longer stand for British imposed dictatorship.

In asserting our right to govern, we as the Executive Council of State know full well that our first endeavour will be to show true and inspired leadership. We have been silent for too long and now that we are truly beginning to understand our rights under International law we will make very deliberate moves that enhances our ability to govern in our way according to our Law and customs, combined with modernity, which we will adapt to our ways of governing, including international human rights standards. This governance will be clearly spelt out in our Constitution when it is presented to the Euahlayi populace for discussion. When we are satisfied, it will be out to a referendum for the Euahlayi Peoples to vote on.

Euahlayi Peoples Republic Provisional Executive Council of State
26 October 2013 at Mogila Station via Goodooga, NSW
Front row L – R: Dr Mayrah Dreise, Angela Huston, Pam Touma, Peter Brockhurst
Back row L – R: Stephen Forrester, Gordon Weatherall, Ghillar Michael Anderson, Eric Fernando Jnr, Jason Dreise

As for our relationship with the Commonwealth of Australia and its States, Territories and Great Britain, we adopt the view that they are Foreign States who illegally invaded our Lands and Territories when they came here on their boats. Our position is that any engagement with them in the near future will be done solely through Treaty, which we will register with the United Nations for the world to see.

We have informed the United Nations Secretary General of our actions as we do anticipate rejection of our assertion and right to self-determination, but as the Executive Council of State concluded, this is our liberation struggle and we must accept the challenge.

This is our future and it is recognised in international law that we have a right to an identified nationality and citizenship; we have a right to speak our language; we have the right to benefit from the natural occurring resources, including all waters on, in and under our lands which will provide for the economic sustainability for our Peoples; we have the right to control our airspace and we have a right to our spirituality, religion and ancient culture.

This right of self-government is the core of the right of self-determination and are entrenched within the United Nations Conventions and other General Assembly resolutions. We do not rely on the ambitions that are set down in the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

It is our considered view that any policy decisions made by the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs and his personally chosen Indigenous cohorts, will not be accepted as having any effects on and within the Euahlayi Nation State.

Our Declaration of Independence triggers the Act of State Doctrine and, as was determined in the High Court Mabo Judgement (No. 2) the contest of sovereignty is not justiciable in the Australian municipal courts.

Having looked at the international laws, we understand the complex nature of the Australian and British assertion of Territorial Sovereignty over our Lands, water and natural resources, but the fact that we have a clear and plain boundary between the Euahlayi and other Aboriginal Nation States means ambiguity is of no concern.

The Australian and British claims to sovereignty are of a brittle skeletal framework. It is in the interest of the leaders of the modern Australian State to now come to the table and negotiate, so that they can end confusion before they lose sight of the real issues confronting them. Sitting silent, thinking that by ignoring what is happening beneath their noses is but a pie in the sky dream, will be their failings.

All persons, be they Aboriginal, Non-Aboriginal, will be catered for in the new Euahlayi Peoples Republic. Changes will occur, but future community consultations on the new State amongst the population and business houses will settle any fears that peoples may have and answer their questions.

We must impress that one of the core tenets of our culture is to look after people and families.

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