Kingdom of Atooi (Nation of Hawaii) Unification Ceremony

The very recent historical events have unified a UN recognized Polynesian Sovereign Nation - The Kingdom of Atooi and Oklevueha Native American Church. The ramifications of the unification of these two Indigenous American Native organizations are that any card carrying Oklevueha Native American Church Authorized Participant Card and/or 'qualified' The Kingdom of Atooi card holders are eligible to receive the protection and freedoms that the United States and International laws have instituted for members of the Native American Church and for any and all Sovereign Nations. This also stands true for any 'qualified' Oklevueha Native American Church independent branch.

MARCH 18, 2011
Kingdom of Atooi (Nation of Hawaii, 1947) reseated in the United Nations, March 18, 2011,

MARCH 26, 2011
Mana Ariki Nui Aleka Aipoalani, Kingdom of Atooi (Hawaii), , and James Warren 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney, Oklevueha Native American Church, , united themselves and their indigenous organizations March 16, 2011, at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York City, NY in an Indigenous Native American ceremony by fanning each other with an eagle wing an eagle/hawk tail fan over a flame with breath to breath, heart to heart and clasping arms.

NOVEMBER 12, 2010
Oklevueha Native American Church of Kauai Declaration, The undersigned, being the Chief Executive Officer of Oklevueha Earth Walks Native American Church of Utah, Inc., a Utah nonprofit Corporation and Co-Founder of the allied and communal Native American Church with the Lakota Sioux Nation Native American Church of South Dakota. And as an American Native Indigenous 'earth' based and 'healing' religion that is known as Oklevueha Native American Church (Native American Church and / or NAC) I, James Warren "Flaming Eagle" Mooney, solemnly swear and;

A. Declare the Oklevueha N.AC. of Kauai is an 'independent' branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church as long as the trees and grass grow and rivers flow.
B. Declare that Oklevueha N.A.C. of Kauai Chief Executive Officer is Robert-Pauole: Pa and President is Robert-Pauole: Pa as long as he walks Mother Earth.
C. Declare Oklevueha N.A.C. of Kauai will receive all rights and protections that the spiritual and incorporated trunk of Oklevueha Native American Church receives. Federal ID Number: 841-402-813

SEPTEMBER 06-13, 2010
The first ever gathering of the Royal Union of the Pacific Nations occurred Sept. 6-13, 2010; at the most northern point of the Polynesian Triangle, the sacred island of Kaua'i. Kings, Queens, Chief's and Government Representatives from the Kingdoms and Tribes of the Polynesian Triangle came in attendance to represent and defend the rights of the people and future generations of Te Moana Nui A Kiva. The images in this video and book capture moments of this amazing gathering; and are dedicated too, and for use of the betterment of the Kingdom of Atooi, its ari'i and future generation. Maholo Ke Akua, Theresa Kaui -- Maoli Vision, September 2010.


Before 1840s: The Polynesian Kingdom of Hawaii is the ancestrial name of the current state of Hawaii. Atooi was the ancient name for, Hawaii, the head [po'o] of the Polynesian Triangle. This ancient nation was a part of The Royal Union of The Pacific Nations located in the Polynesian Triangle.


Polynesian Triangle

1840's: The Nation of Hawaii was formed after foreign intervention by King Kamehameha III.

1898: The Territory of Hawaii (under USA rule)

1959: The United States of America State of Hawaii

2007: The blood descendent and rightful heir of Hawaii, Ali'i Nui Aleka (Dayne) Aipoalani registered a formal claim for the lands of Atooi with the Hawaii State Attorney General and the court system. This claim of land ownership was recognized. The Ali'i Nui understood that to get full recognition of the rights to the lands from the occupiers (USA) he needed to first be recognized by his fellow Polynesian kings in The Royal Union of Pacific Nations (T-MAK).

2009: Aleka Aipoalani was invited to travel to New Zealand to be formally recognized as the Mana Ali'i Nui (the highest and most respected king of Polynesia) for The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi by the Royal Union of Pacific Nations. The United Nations recognize sovereign states in the T-MAK nations which include, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi.

2010: The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi recognizes the urgency of global sustainability and has reached out to its' polynesian cousins and is coordinating efforts for a sustainable pacific. To achieve this goal, representatives from at least 15 Pacific Nations are traveling to Kekaha-Waimea September 6th-13th 2010 to celebrate the recognition of our Ali'i

March 2011 Dayne, Toni, and a small assembly traveled to the United Nations in New York and the United Nations Turtle Island in Washington D. C. The Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi is now registered with the United Nations and has signed treaties with the Turtle Island Indigenous Nations.