Murrawarri Head of State refused entry to ANZAC Day March

25th April 2015

At the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC Day
Fred Hooper being apprehended by Australina Federal Police officers
Fred Hooper being forced away from ANZAC March

Mr Fred Hooper, Head of State of the Murrawarri Republic, who served in the Royal Australian Navy as a submariner, was prevented from marching in the Nation’s Capital today in commemoration of his Grandfather and his two great uncles Trooper Jim Hubbard, who served in the Light Horse in World War 1, and Harold West who served and died in New Guinea during World War 2.

Harold West of the Murrawarri Nation was the inspiration for the Black Diggers March in Sydney every ANZAC Day, which is supported by the former Governor of NSW Maria Bashir. It is very surprising that the RSL still will not allow Aboriginal People to march in Commemoration of our fallen Black Diggers in the main ANZAC march in Sydney.

Mr Hooper said from Canberra. “ I wanted to march with my Navy mates, but was prevented by the Australian Federal Police. Instead I was given a police escort from the back of the parade to the front, where the Submarine Association was gathered before the official march commenced.”

“I was escorted by two Australian Federal Police Officers who informed the leader of the Submarine Association that I was not to raise the Murrawarri Flag. It was only three weeks ago the Head of the Commonwealth of Australia, Queen Elizabeth the Second, recognised the Murrawarri Republic,” Mr Hooper added.

“The Police escorts were given orders to arrest me if I raised the Murrawarri Flag during the march with my submariner mates.”

Mr Hooper continued, “This is a sad indictment on the RSL, the War Memorial and the Australian Federal Police, not to let Aboriginal (First Nations) people march in commemoration of all fallen Aboriginal Service men and women, who fought on behalf of a foreign King in these wars and who served their Aboriginal Nation in the undeclared Frontier Wars.

Frederick Arnold Hooper
Chairman of the Provisional Council of State of the Murrawarri Republic
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Below: On Sunday morning 26th April 2015 - The wreath in honor of all Aboriginal service men and women who have fallen in all wars recognized or not, has finally been laid at the Australian War Memorial by Chairman of the Murrawarri Nation, ex service man Fred Hooper, and Firekeeper of the Aboriginal Embassy, 'Sprocket'.