AMANDLA Global Assemblies of Afrikan People's Power (AMANDLA-GAAPP)

The Sovereign Union global network

AMANDLA Global Assemblies of Afrikan People's Power (AMANDLA-GAAPP)
Amandla is a Xhosa and Zulu word meaning "power". After Apartheid ended in South Africa it is used to express grievances against government policies

On behalf of the "Maatkilombosafoatse" Spearhead Deputations of the Communities of Resistance involved in doing the groundwork for building our AMANDLA Global Assemblies of Afrikan People's Power (AMANDLA-GAAPP), we salute the exemplary heroic efforts of your Sovereign Union of the First Nations and Peoples of the land currently misnamed Australia!

Your bold audacity is a dynamic spur to the resurgent national liberation efforts we are making to actualise Pan-Afrikan Reparations for Global Justice, with particular regard to which your Sovereign Union endeavours have the greatest resonance for us.

The urgent necessity to fully recognise, stop and repair the genocidal/ecocidal damages which continue to be done in the wake of the "Maangamizi" of chattel, colonial and neocolonial Enslavement to our Black communities throughout the continent and diaspora of Afrika demands the complete dismantling of the artificial nation-states fabricated by European Imperialism and their replacement with our own self-designed new organs of the Pan-Afrikan revolutionary power of the poorest of the Poor ("the Wretched of the Earth" a la Frantz Fanon) at the grassroots of our Communities of Resistance throughout the World.

That is why our initiative of starting to build in Ghana the AMANDLA-GAAPP for this purpose is a step of great historical importance similar to your own efforts of beginning to self-determinedly build the Sovereign Union of the First Nations and Peoples in what has become misnamed as Australia.

Hence our wholehearted support for your cause.

We hope we can together build grassroots cooperation for Positive Action through what is known to us as "Ubuntu People-to-Peoples' Internationalist Solidarity", which we promote especially in connection with our campaigning endeavours of Pan-Afrikan Reparations for Global Justice.

Our key proposals for such cooperation will include working together on a Peoples' International Tribunal for Global Justice (PITGJ), various projects of "Truthquest", as well as the annual 1st August to 31st October Communities of Resistance Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Encounters in the International Reparations for Emancipation Season (CORAISE-IRES).

We shall explain these to you in further communications. Indeed, representatives of our AMANDLA-GAAPP Bloc in the United Kingdom will raise such matters in discussions with Nyoongar Ghillar and others when they meet over there as we expect as soon as possible.

Let us know your own proposals for such mutually beneficial Internationalist Solidarity cooperation for us to consider working upon together with you.

Meanwhile, receive from Ghana, with very best wishes to you all, our sunny Pan-Afrikan Internationalist salutations of "Amandla Ngawethu (People's Power); Chimurenga (Resistance) forward ever onward towards our common Rendezvous of Global Justice Victory!"

Signed: Maatyo Dedohemaa Azu,
Kwame Dede Akuamoah,
Ama Selasie Agbitor,
Kojo Prah Annan,
Awura Afitsufe Ampofo and
Lelabi Adzo Dwamena;

For the AMANDLA-GAAPP Interim General Secretariat, Accra, Ghana