Michael Anderson returns from UN Symposium and announced the next Sovereign Union meeting

Sovereign Union Media Release

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Covenor
26 September 2013

Historical Symposium on Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations Geneva, September 2013
Michael Anderson, Sovereign Union Convenor (back row - far right)

Michael Anderson returns from UN Historical Symposium in Geneva and has announced the next Sovereign Union meeting in Canberra on 23 - 24 November 2013

Michael Anderson said on his return from Geneva that, "the Historic Symposium on Indigenous participation within the United Nations was an important event, considering it included nominated youth from the seven regions of the Aboriginal/Indigenous world. The youth representatives were chosen by the Elders, who were amongst the First Nations participants in 1977 and 1981.'

Anderson said, "It was the 1981 conference that brought about the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, and now 37 years on we have the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Indigenous Peoples.

"I was invited to attend the Historic Symposium, since a sequence of events determined that I was the first Aboriginal person to present to the global Indigenous forum. This came about as the Australian authorities tried to intercept my journey to the UN in 1981 and prevent my participation as the National Aboriginal Conference (NAC) Special Advisor on International Relations and Treaty, and return me to Australia against my will. The NAC had prepared a paper on American third party land interests adjacent to Aboriginal lands in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia, which they wanted to (and subsequently have) militarised. But in Ottawa, Dell Reilly, Chair of the National Indian Brotherhood of Canada came to my rescue and organised a security escort to Geneva, where I was met by Don Augustus Williamson-Daes, Secretary to the UN Human Rights Commission, who ensured my secure passage to the UN forum, where I was put on as the first presenter.

"During this Historic Symposium, the gathering of delegates from the seven regions of the world talked of the need to now focus on the continuing Sovereignty of the Aboriginal Nations of the world. The South American delegations pointed out that in order for them to be free, they need to have the Vatican repeal the Papal bulls (bulletins) and to have the Vatican apologise for the wrongs and destruction that the Papal bulls have caused to the Aboriginal Peoples of the Southern and Central America.

"The North American delegation argued that their Sovereignty continues to this day. While some may argue that theirs is a domestic sovereignty, the First Nations themselves have a strong contrary argument. Their self-governance operations attest to this fact. Moreover, the Six Nations delegates travel on their own passports, which are accepted by many countries that they travel to, including many of the European UN member States. Despite the semantics, the national government of the United States of America does observe the terms and conditions of the Treaties for the most part, but the struggle of the Native Americans continues on many of the fine details associated with self-determination. The main struggle of the Native Americans is to maintain their sovereign independence, as it is part of the terms and conditions of their respective Treaties.

"My discussions with the representatives of the Six Nations group - Canasatego; Oneidas; Cayugas; Onondagos; Tuscarora; Senecas - included the Haudenosaunee Nation leaders. These talks resulted in an agreement that, we shall meet together in the United States of America to continue our talks on the continuing sovereignty of our Peoples.

In regard to these proposed International discussions on Sovereignty and Self-determination, we are extending an invitation to all Sovereign Aboriginal Nations in Australia to meet together in Canberra on Saturday and Sunday 23 - 24 November. The invitation is open to two delegates, an Elder and a youth, from each Sovereign Nation where and if possible, with limited space for observers. We are in the process of securing a venue and the dates are definite.

Each of the Sovereign Nations who seek to attend must realise that we have NO money to assist with fares and/or accommodation. The Sovereignty movement is a self-funded movement and each Sovereign Nation State must take care of their own. We accept NO money from Government. Our continuing Sovereignty is ours to assert, and we must show our determination to be free and Independent.

The key issues that will be focused on at this gathering are:

  • Sovereignty and Self-Determination
  • Native Title – v - Aboriginal Sovereignty
    United Nations and International Law on de-colonisation
  • Declaring Sovereign Independence
  • Developing International Relationships and
  • Unification of Sovereign Aboriginal Nations within Australia.

There is a possibility for some billeting of elders whilst in Canberra. In regards to accommodation, it is recommended to bring some tents, if and where possible, and we will all camp at the Aboriginal Embassy as we have done for many years.

It should be noted that if any Sovereign Nation State seeks to have a matter or matters put on the agenda, please make contact and this matter will be proposed.

Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia
Asserting Australia's First Nations Sovereignty into Governance
Ghillar, Michael Anderson, 0427 292 492
Convenor, Sovereign Union

Historical Symposium on Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations, Geneva in 1981
Michael Anderson (back row 2nd from right)