Australia is committing genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world

... no political party or politician is a friend of Aboriginal Peoples when we assert our sovereignty. We are reaching a climax in our struggle for rights and freedoms. This is the moment for all blackfellas of this continent to take a deep breath, exhale slowly and look around at our situation with clarity.

24 November 2014

Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor and Joint Spokesperson of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia, and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic said from Goodooga today:

The Whitegate group
The Whitegate group - declaring a new nation and their independance

The recent declaration of independence by the Whitegate Community led by Mrs Felicity Hayes confirms that the pathway to our true liberation is to go through a process of self-decolonisation, through the international accepted norm of a Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). As reported by Erwin Chlanda Alice Springs News Online 21 November 2014 the Whitegate community reacted to the NT government ordering them to leave and turning the water off by declaring “sovereignty and self-determination” of the State of Undoolya. [

Evidence establishes that the Australian Constitution, which does not include Aboriginal people as citizens becomes a death warrant for anyone who still identifies as belonging to First Nations and Peoples, as the horrendous social indicator statistics verify.

Our solution is to establish independence from the colonial power that tries to make us disappear by assimilating us or crushing us. PM Tony Abbott's recent admission that he is a denialist of Aboriginal presence prior to 1788 should surely convince the fence-sitters that as the self-proclaimed 'Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs' we are in an even more precarious situation. On 14 November 2014 PM Abbott perpetuated the terra nullius lie when recently addressing the International Infrastructure Business Breakfast when British PM David Cameron was present just before the G20 began:

Abbott described Australia prior to the landing of the First Fleet as:

“… nothing but bush … the Marines, and the convicts and the sailors … must have thought they’d come almost to the Moon…. Everything would have seemed so extraordinarily basic and raw…”

This was not a one-off PM 'brain-snap' because once again he denied the importance of the oldest continuing living culture in the world by claiming that Britain began:

“... foreign investment … [in] the then unsettled or, um, scarcely settled, Great South Land…”

along with:

“… the First Fleet was the defining moment in the history of this continent.”

These statements are indicative of the constant dismissal of anything Aboriginal in this country. Clearly PM Abbott's total disregard is an absolute insult and a smack in the face for the Recognise campaign which is trying to raise support for a referendum to include Aboriginal people in the racist Constitution, we have never been part of.

It is significant that Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes, has used the Australian of the Year platform to argue 'that Australia has been built on a conversation that does not respect the role or place of indigenous people.' [

What else needs to happen in this country for our people to realise that no political party or politician is a friend of Aboriginal Peoples when we assert our sovereignty. We are reaching a climax in our struggle for rights and freedoms. This is the moment for all blackfellas of this continent to take a deep breath, exhale slowly and look around at our situation with clarity.

We cannot ignore the fact that we were making steady progress in terms of our rights to self-determination in the 1980s, until PM Bob Hawke and Clyde Holding, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, shut it down. Later their efforts were expanded upon by the Howard government and continued under Labor. It has often been said that Bob Hawke was the best Liberal Prime Minister Australia has had!

Our people must fully understand that neither the ALP nor the Liberal/Coalition parties are our friends and the Greens, for selfish reasons, only want us to go into lock-down and not develop on our own land.

The continued onslaught of repression and targeted destruction of our communities has recently been experienced by our Western Australian brothers and sisters, as Premier Colin Barnett claims there is not enough money to maintain the homelands and communities, even though the mining wealth of WA comes from Aboriginal land.

Closing down our communities creates a 'condition of life set to destroy the group in whole or in part.'

The announcement by Barnett to close more than half the state's 274 remote communities, is another example of how the government and Big Mining work hand in hand to steal Aboriginal land without compensation. There is a thinly veiled agenda to remove Aboriginal people from their homes so the mining industry can have easy access to land.

Western Australia is being sadly reduced to a mining pit, with much of the state’s economy being from mining revenue. Despite the many billions of dollars being removed from resource rich WA Aboriginal lands every year, the government is now refusing to continue to provide basic infrastructure such as drinking water, roads and access to health services. The Australian economy is based on stolen Aboriginal land and wealth. By rights, Aboriginal people are entitled to have the first say over the future of their lands.

In 2011, an east Kimberley community, Oombulgurri, was closed down. WA Department of Indigenous Affairs' director-general Patrick Walker told ABC online that he supported the relocation and the removal of government services.

"So, we think there is a much better future and a different use for Oombulgurri that could satisfy the requirements of everyone."

What Walker failed to mention is exactly what the different use for the land at Oombulgurri is. Is there mining planned for this area? If so, why is that a better use of land than it being somebody’s home? Rampant mining will leave Australia barren and depleted. Aboriginal people have been active, experienced land managers for the last 100, 000 years. Most condone the wholesale, short-sighted destruction of Aboriginal lands for ‘economic progress’.

It is unclear whether the members of the estimated 150 communities will be forcibly evicted, or whether they will be starved out when government services are stopped. There is no precedent in white Australian communities for the government to simply refuse to provide basic services, even in areas where there is high unemployment.

The Kimberley, Perth and other regional WA towns already experience appalling rates of homelessness for Aboriginal people. Premier Barnett knows his gutless decision will cause great distress and cause problems in the towns the newly homeless community members are forced to move to. Colin Barnett said that it was the Federal government who had previously promoted remote communities.

‘There's no doubt that under policies really initiated by the Federal Government, small, isolated Aboriginal communities were promoted.’ [ABC online, October 2014] ‘The reality is that there's no employment prospects in those areas, or very limited.’

In Australia, there are also many non-Aboriginal towns and communities that have few or limited employment prospects. However, in a clear show of apartheid-like bias, only Aboriginal communities have their basic infrastructure stopped. Australia is the new South Africa under apartheid.

South African boycott badges/buttons and other low cost advertising ideas helped spread the word and remind the people to boycott Big Business and put extreme pressure on the government, thus empowering the people

I think it is time for Aboriginal people to actively campaign to have other countries of the world to see Australia what it truly is – The Last Bastion of the Aryan Race.

We need to engage the international community to initiate trade sanctions and boycotts, just as they did with white South Africa.

It is disturbing to know that the UN views Australia as a first world country that is fiscally rich.

This goes to our demise in the sense that other first world countries are reluctant to make monies available to our under developed communities, because Australia as a whole is not viewed as an underdeveloped nation and it is this concept that prevents our communities from applying for international development aid.

It will be through our own efforts that we will be able to alter these perceptions, so as to become eligible for international aid. Australia knows that this is the case and hides behind this veil, so as to commit genocide on a scale unequalled anywhere in the modern world.

Closing down our communities creates a condition of life set to destroy the group in whole or in part.

Contact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convenor and Joint Spokesperson of Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic 0427 292 492