Walmadan Tent Embassy (James Price Point)

On the 14th September, 2011, Kimberley Traditional Owners launched a Tent Embassy at Walmadan (James Price Point), 60 klms north of Broome WA.

In an early morning ceremony Joseph Roe lit the fire with ash sent from the fire of the Canberra Aboriginal Tent Embassy, where their fire has been burning for 40 years.

In a statement read by Dr Anne Poelina, Michael Anderson from the original Tent Embassy said "It is an absolute joy to know that the people of the Kimberley are now making your statement loud and clear".

"It is imperative that in your stand that you have chosen to take that the commitment of the people must be enduring, no matter how hard or trying it may become," Mr Anderson said.

Goolarabooloo Senior Law Boss Joseph Roe echoed the words of his grandfather, Paddy Roe "We must hold this land we must hold this for all of us".

The Tent Embassy has become necessary because the State and Federal governments are only listening to people with corporate connections and ignoring the wishes real of Aboriginal people on the ground.

The Embassy launch marked 100 days of a community blockade, where Broome and regional residents fought for saving the pristine site that is under threat of being replaced by the world's largest toxic gas hub.

Since the campaign began there has been over 40 arrests, and many more protesters have recieved various legal notices and traffic infringements for supporting the protest against the WA governemnt, who is supporting a consortium headed by the mining company, 'Woodside'.