Murrawarri people: The Queen Recognises Murrawarri Republic


10TH May 2013

Queen Recognises Murrawarri Republic

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second the Queen of England and the Head of the Commonwealth recognises the Murrawarri Nations continued Independence and Statehood.

The Murrawarri peoples declared their continued Independence and Statehood on the 30th of March 2013 through their Declaration of Independence and Statehood. In line with the Murrawarri Republic draft constitution a People’s Council was formed and will act as the Provisional Government of the Murrawarri Republic.

On the 3rd of April 2013 the Murrawarri Peoples Council wrote to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second advising her of the declaration of the Murrawarri Nations continued Independence and Statehood and requested Her Royal Highness produce documents that show how Sovereignty, Dominion and Ultimate (Radical) Title was obtained over the Murrawarri Nation Ancient Lands, Waters, Subsurface, Natural Resources and Airspace under International and British Common Law.

The documents requested were:

  1. Treaty documents between the Murrawarri Nation and the Crown of Great Britain outlining the conditions of such a treaty,
  2. A Deed of Cession document that show the Murrawarri Nation has ceded Sovereignty, Dominion and Ultimate (Radical) to the Crown of Great Britain, or
  3. Documents showing a declaration of war against the Murrawarri Nation and its people by the Crown of Great Britain.

The Murrawarri Peoples Council also advised Her Royal Highness that if these documents cannot be produced within 28 days of receipt of this correspondence, we will make representation to the United Nations to be accepted as the world’s newest Independent Nation in line with United Nations protocols.

We have confirmation from Buckingham Palace that shows the Murrawarri Peoples Council letter was received on 10th of April 2013. The 28 days expired on the 8th of May 2013 and the Peoples Council of the Murrawarri have not received a response from Her Royal Highness.

By not producing these documents the Crown has affirmed the Murrawarri Republic to be a continued Free and Independent State, in line with International law and covenants.

The Peoples Council of the Murrawarri will write to the Secretary General of the United Nations requesting United Nation assistance in the development of a recovery framework for the repatriation of all Ancient Lands, Subsurface, Natural Resources, Waters and Airspace within the Murrawarri Boundaries to the Murrawarri Republic under United Nations Resolution 1541 (XV) VI:

The Council will be also making representation to the United Nations to be accepted as the world’s newest Nation.

Any enquiries can be directed to Mr Fred Hooper on 0427957960 or Email at