Brisbane Sovereign Embassy warriors found 'Not Guilty'

Press Release
Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy
Monday, March 11, 2013 at 7:19pm ·

The three warriors from the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy, arrested last December for defending the sacred fire were found not guilty today in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Police offered no evidence against Wayne Wharton, Boe Skuthorpe-Spearim and Hamish Chitts. This was in stark contrast to the period since their arrest where police first imposed draconian bail conditions which prevented the three from participating in cultural and religious ceremony and then wasted court time and tax payer money trying to keep the bail conditions in place. Eventually after three court appearances the bail conditions were dropped.

Today's finding is a vindication for the Embassy and a silent acknowledgement by the colonial authorities that the Embassy does have the support of the community and does have the support of the tribes on whose land Brisbane stands.

The Embassy will proudly continue the business of raising the question of First Nations Sovereignty, a question that all people who call this country home must engage with.

The Embassy is expecting a big turn out for a corroboree in Musgrave Park from 12pm, March 24. This ceremony will reaffirm permission under First Nations law for the Embassy to conduct its business.

For more information phone Wayne on 0408 064 900

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