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WA suicides: Touch of hope as state mourns lost children

A Western Australian Aboriginal researcher Juli Coffin's quest has led to 'Solid Kids', an award-winning program used to counter bullying and the organisation is now currently seeking funding for a scientific trial on alternative forms of therapy. An Aboriginal-led steering committee interviewed more than 260 Aboriginal children, elders and teachers. They found bullying, often intra-racial bullying, was serious. Meanwhile, families burying their children want answers to why and what can be done. [node:read-more:link]

A nation is shamed when a child sees suicide as the solution

Remote Australia is in the grip of a suicide epidemic that is taking the lives of children as young as eight years old, with Aboriginal towns in the Kimberley now suffering the highest rates of suicide in the world.As the West Australian port city of Geraldton buried 11-year-old Peter Little, who was found hanging from a tree in nearby bush by another child, indigenous leaders called for urgent action to address a growing crisis that will see as many as one in 12 Aboriginal deaths caused by suicide. [node:read-more:link]

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