Constitutional Recognition

Beads and Blankets: referendum and voice

Beads and Blankets: referendum and voice

My offering of the Beads and Blankets to King Charles on 20 June 2023 is a serious one The hard question for those promoting the Yes Vote is the extent of limitations that will be placed on this facade of the Voice to Parliament. If this Voice is to have any effect, then it must have broader terms of reference that will address far bigger issues than the assimilation strategies that have been forecast, that being - be white, think white, act white and don't invoke First Nations rights under international law. [node:read-more:link]

Frontier Wars 2023 “Help Us Bury Our Dead”

"Bury Our Dead” is a public appeal to say that, if the government and military forces are not prepared to accept the challenge to locate and help us bury our dead, then we have another very good argument as to why the public should vote ‘No’ for a proposed First Nations Voice to parliament, that will not reap any real rewards. In this day and age of truth-telling and a proposition that the Australian constitution should include recognition of First Nations Peoples to grant us a Voice, is all without the truth. [node:read-more:link]

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