'Treaties of Unity' - Alice Springs meeting September 2015 - 7 Videos

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Ngarla Kunoth-Monks - (Video - Enlightning Productions)

Ngarla Kunoth-Monks reads the template "Treaties of Unity" that was workshopped at the Freedom Gathering held on 11 - 13 September 2015 at the Old Bungalow, Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT).

Bella Bropho - (Enlightning Productions)

Bella Bropho has been arrested nine times for camping on her own land - Matagarup (Heirisson Island) Perth, WA. Bella puts the "Treaties of Unity" template in contact. "Treaties of Unity" was workshopped at the Freedom Gathering held on 11 - 13 September 2015 at the Old Bungalow, Mparntwe (Alice Springs, NT).

Sam Cook - (Enlightning Productions)

"….for younger generations to be able to participate (and) to be led with such a solid base of wisdom of a lot of leaders' minds and thinkers who've come through generations of families that have been leading and pushing for our formation as sovereign nations. To see all that kind of come together is the hope that I think we all share. I think we all are not just passive participants, we're driving forward because we know that this is our right as Aboriginal nations and that we have a lot of work to do. I absolutely appreciate that everyone came with a sense of openness and unity and that we’ll move forward on those good values and intent."

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks - (Enlightning Productions)

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks called the Freedom Gathering for 11 - 13 September 2015 to craft a template for a way forward for Aboriginal Nations and communities. The meeting resulted in the document called "Treaties of Unity".

Tauto Sansbury - (Enlightning Productions)

"This is just the beginning of something that’s going to be great for all of us.” Tauto Sansbury, Co-founder of the Freedom Movement

Les Coe - (Enlightning Productions)

Les Coe, Wiradjuri, puts Treaties of Unity in context with relation to the coercive Recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in the colonial Commonwealth constitution, which is seen as a trap.

Jenny Munro - (Enlightning Productions)

Wiradjuri: "The gathering has been about a treaty of unity for our people. We’ve worked over three days on a template. We’re asking all our people to take this template back, discuss it in the families, discuss it in your clans, discuss it in your tribes. And also, please, for the world to see, put it down in you language. We want the world to know there are many, many clans still living, just surviving, many tribes. And we as a people need to come together. If it’s only for this one time and place in history it will be enough to change this country and hence change the world.”