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Arnhem land community devise new plan to deal with family violence

Sovereign Audio Collection - Fri, 2017/03/31 - 7:29am
ndigenous leaders from north-east Arnhem Land have devised a new plan to deal with family violence in their community. It calls for a new approach to community policing, with a local authority of clan groups the first point of contact. They say misunderstandings about traditional and western legal systems are part of the problem. Featured: Yirrininba Dhurrkay, ARDS Aboriginal Corporation David Suttle, ARDS Aboriginal Corporation

'Damn the law': Former Don Dale boss accused of ignoring laws about prolonged isolation

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2017/03/30 - 8:34am
The Northern Territory youth detention royal commission has been told children were held on rolling 72 hour isolation placements because there was nowhere else to put them. The Don Dale youth detention centre's former general manager has given evidence today. Russell Caldwell told the inquiry laws about prolonged isolation didn't account for the reality on the ground. Featured: Peter Callaghan SC, counsel assisting NT royal commission Russell Caldwell, former Don Dale Youth Detention Centre Includes: Felicity Graham, counsel for the Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service Peggy Dwyer, counsel for the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency ABC Radio - Felicity James reported this story on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Katherine Hospital: Back from the brink

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2017/03/28 - 12:21pm
ABC RN Background Briefing Just five years ago this Northern Territory hospital was facing closure, its doctors were out of their depth and indigenous patients were leaving the wards in droves. This is the remarkable story of how Katherine Hospital turned its fortunes around. It now ranks among Australia's best for its relationship with its indigenous patients. How did the hospital do it and what lessons does this have for the rest of the nation? More Here

NT Royal Commission: Detainee's are not all from broken homes: Grandmother

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2017/03/16 - 8:17pm
In the Northern Territory, the grandmother of a former Don Dale detainee has told the youth detention royal commission how she thinks the system should change. Her grandson told the commission today he was handcuffed to a fence and forced to sleep in a wet cell without a mattress for 24 hours, after another detainee set off a fire extinguisher. This week the commission's hearings in Alice Springs have focused on people overseeing the youth detention system, along with former detainees. Featured: Tony McAvoy SC, counsel assisting the NT Royal Commission BY, former Don Dale detainee CA, BY's grandmother Commissioner Margaret White, NT Royal Commission Source: Felicity James reported this story on Thursday, March 16, 2017 for ABC RN PM

Dark Convicts - the black former slaves on the First Fleet

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2017/03/06 - 11:23am
We all know Australia has a black history, but there’s another lesser known way in which his country’s origins are black. On the first fleet there were eleven convicts who were freed slaves from America, and who for various reasons found themselves on a long and dangerous journey to what became the colony of Sydney. Judy Johnson has has not one but two of these black first fleet convicts as her ancestors, and has written a collection of poetry, based on the documents and personal accounts which still exits from that time. Source: ABC RN Sunday Extra

Proposed changes to Native Title Act 'one of the vilest racist acts we've seen' - Ghillar Michael Anderson.

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2017/03/01 - 6:15am
A Bill before Parliament to amend the Native title Act in relation to Indigenous Land Use agreements has been described by a veteran Aboriginal rights campaigner as "'one of the vilest racist acts we've seen". Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union says the proposed amendments are a complete violation of the First Nations laws and customs because each clan makes its own decisions about its own land and what happens on and within those territories. From CAAMA Radio - with Paul Wiles (23/2/17)

Dylan Voller calls for 24 hour youth services

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2017/02/28 - 10:16am
Dylan Voller speaks out despite his Lawyers recommendation, two weeks after being released from prison

Campaign to buy back copyright of Albert Namatjira's images

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2017/02/27 - 1:51pm
Indigenous painter Albert Namatjira is widely regarded as one our greatest artists--his beautiful watercolour depictions of his country in central Australia stand apart in our artistic heritage. Yet you may be surprised to learn that since his premature death in 1959, none of Namatjira's descendents have earned a cent from any reproductions of his work. That's because the copyright to his estate was sold by the Northern Territory public trustee, reportedly without consultation with the Namatjira family, a deal which has been described as a major cultural injustice. A new initiative called the 'Namatjira Legacy Trust' aims to right this alleged injustice by raising funds to buy back the copyright of Albert Namatjira's images from the family who now own it. The campaign will be launched at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra on Friday. From ABC RN Breakfast Among those leading the initiative is art curator and Indigenous woman Hetti Perkins, the daughter of the late Charlie Perkins, who's had a long association with the Namatjira family.

The whiteman law changes with every Government ... there are no amendments in our law !

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2017/02/23 - 10:33pm
A Yolngu leader and member of the Northern Territory Parliament has rejected claims that Aboriginal communities are not safe for children and says that his people need to be empowered to put traditional tribal practice back in place. Yingiya Mark Guyula, the member for Nhulunbuy has slammed the Northern Territory Government's child protection system and says laws to place Aboriginal children with their extended family and community are being "broken". Yingiya talks with Paul Wiles - CAAMA Radio

Community engagement officers discuss NT Royal Commission

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2017/02/08 - 8:29pm
CAAMA NEWS 25th Jan 2017 Over the past year hearings, community meetings as well as victim testimonies have taken place. Community engagement officers Barbara Shaw and Nick Espie joined us in the CAAMA studios to discuss the Royal Commission in 2016 and what's occurring in the new year.

Lawyer calls for continuation of child abuse royal commission

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2017/01/31 - 9:10pm
A lawyer representing victims of child sexual abuse is calling on the Federal government to extend the term of the national royal commission. The final public hearing is due to start next week, when consultations will also begin on a national redress scheme. Jason Parkinson from Porters Lawyers told The World Today's Emily Bourke that he also has grave concerns that the scheme could compromise the common law rights of child abuse victims.

Aboriginal Intellectual Property Rights on Medicinal Plants with Henrietta Marrie - 3CR Earth Matters

Sovereign Audio Collection - Mon, 2017/01/30 - 10:00am
Matters 0:0136:55 Share on Facebook twitter Google+ Henrietta Marrie, a Gimuy Walubarra Yidinji woman, has undetaken research in Australia and abroad on issues issues relating to traditional knowledge, access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing, protection of traditional knowledge as intellectual property, and the conservation and management of biological diversity.

First Nations Agriculture, Land management and Plant values

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sun, 2017/01/29 - 3:11am
With Bruce Pascoe, Bill Gammage, Uncle Max Harrison, Beth Gott, Heather Buith, Jimmy Onus, Dr Penny Wurm, Lorraine Williams, Ken Stewart. Historians, writers and academics are upending the colonial lies and deception of First Nations agriculture, land management and medicinal plant knowledge, The first Nations peoples had complex systems of agriculture that went far beyond the hunter-gatherer tag. They were, in fact, our first farmers and land managers, whose intimate knowledge of the medicinal values and managing native plants and animals sustained them for thousands of years. ABC RADIO NATIONAL 'Bush Telegraph'

Rethinking Pre-Colonial Agricultural history with Bruce Pascoe, Bill Gammage et al

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sun, 2017/01/22 - 8:53am
Historians, writers and academics are now rethinking Australia's perception of Indigenous land management. They argue that the first Australians had complex systems of agriculture that went far beyond the hunter-gatherer tag. They were, in fact, our first farmers, whose intimate knowledge of managing native plants and animals sustained them for thousands of years. ABC RADIO NATIONAL 'Bush Telegraph'

Aboriginal Intellectual Property Rights on Medicinal Plants with Henrietta Marrie - 3CR Earth Matters

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sun, 2017/01/22 - 3:37am
Henrietta Marrie, a Gimuy Walubarra Yidinji woman, has undetaken research in Australia and abroad on issues issues relating to traditional knowledge, access to genetic resources and benefit-sharing, protection of traditional knowledge as intellectual property, and the conservation and management of biological diversity.

Former Don Dale detainee reveals death threat claim ahead of appearance at NT royal commission

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sat, 2017/01/14 - 5:16pm
Northern Territory Police are investigating allegations a former Don Dale detainee received a death threat ahead of his appearance before the royal commission into youth detention. Kenny Rogan, 14, has been out of youth detention in Darwin for six months. He has alleged that while he was there guards stripped off his clothes with a knife. Media player: "Space" to play, "M" to mute, "left" and "right" to seek. 00:00 00:00 AUDIO: Death threat made against former Don Dale inmate. (ABC News) His father, Colin Rogan, believes he has been threatened because the teenager is expected to give evidence before the commission in March. Mr Rogan said he received a call on his mobile phone on Wednesday night. "It was life-threatening mainly towards my son," he said. "When I asked the caller to come around and speak to us face to face he said he'd come around at night time when we were asleep and kill the both of us. "It sounded like a person who has got a bit of authority in his life, only certain types of people talk like that: clear, concise and to the point, and very quick," he said. "It frightened the hell out of me and my son."

Big year for gubinge harvest on the West Kimberley coastal region

Sovereign Audio Collection - Thu, 2017/01/12 - 12:42am
Indigenous communities harvesting gubinge in Western Australia's far north are reporting some big yields this wet season. (ABC News) January 2017 The bush tucker, which is also known as Kakadu plum, is found across northern Australia and regarded as having more vitamin C than any other fruit. Lenny O'Meara from Kimberley Wild Gubinge said after big rains in December, there was an abundance of quality fruit on the Dampier Peninsula, north of Broome. "The season up here is very good this year because of the rain," he told ABC Rural. "The trees have flourished with the water and the fruit is abundant, especially compared to last year when it was a bit drier and there wasn't as much fruit around. "So it's really good picking this year and the fruit are nice and fat." Mr O'Meara said when the plums tasted 'tangy' it was a sign the vitamin C content was high. He said the quality of fruit this year was proving to be excellent. MORE:

University sorry for experiments on First Nations people

Sovereign Audio Collection - Tue, 2017/01/10 - 7:28pm
The University of Melbourne has issued an apology to the Forgotten Australians, expressing regret that researchers linked to the institution were involved in experiments performed on children in state care. The move has prompted calls for other educational institutions to follow suit and make a concerted effort to contact anyone used as a subject without consent. Barbara Miller reporting for ABC Radio PM 18 Nov 2009

WA Govt refuses to move on compulsory Indigenous notification service

Sovereign Audio Collection - Wed, 2016/12/28 - 5:23am
The WA Government has once again refused to commit to a mandatory notification service when an Aboriginal person comes into police custody, despite the recommendations of a high-profile coronial inquest. Last week the coroner found 22-year-old Aboriginal woman Ms Dhu had been "treated inhumanely" and that her death in custody was preventable. The coroner recommended WA once again consider a Custody Notification Service, like the one which exists in New South Wales and the ACT. Sarah Dingle reported this story on Friday, December 23, 2016 with Ruth Barson, Human Rights Law Centre

Explorer Charles Sturt offered Roast Duck and Cake by the First Nations people in the desert

Sovereign Audio Collection - Sat, 2016/12/24 - 10:39pm
Bruce is a prolific writer and editor of fiction for adults and young people, and he also writes essays and history. His most recent work presents a radically different picture of Australia's original inhabitants, and how they maintained their culture over millennia. From the journals and records of early explorers and surveyors, Bruce has accumulated astonishing descriptions of a pre-colonial Aboriginal life. Mitchell, Sturt and others describe scenes all around the country of Aboriginal people engineering sophisticated dwellings and irrigation systems. They also describe the cultivation of vast areas of land for yam fields, and the harvesting, storage and milling of grain crops. Bruce is of Tasmanian, Bunurong and Yuin heritage and he lives on country, deep in the Victorian bush.


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