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Michael Anderson returns from UN Symposium and announced the next Sovereign Union meeting

Michael Anderson said on his return from Geneva that, "the Historic Symposium on Indigenous participation within the United Nations was an important event, considering it included nominated youth from the seven regions of the Aboriginal/Indigenous world. The youth representatives were chosen by the Elders, who were amongst the First Nations participants in 1977 and 1981.'

On his return Michael announced the next Sovereign Union meeting in Canberra on the 23rd - 24th November 2013

Sovereign Union is a movement for freedom, rejecting Pearson's pro-assimilation

The announcement by the Noel Pearson's of his 'Empowered Communities Initiative' group looks like – the Magnificent Seven Plus - Mark Two.

Now a handpicked twenty-five, believe they can override elected leaders who represent their own communities and want to establish policies for governments to pursue. ... Every effort must be made by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to stave off government policies that are designed to come from the top down and impose assimilation overtly or by stealth. The reality is, if assimilation is successful the colonising power gains this continental land base for free!

Court ruling gives NSW police 'The right to silence'

A court ruling has allowed NSW police avoid answering questions about the shooting of a woman on the state's mid-north coast.

'Will the police now be, again, treated differently when they become involved in critical events such as police brutality, death in custody events or other actions needing to be independently investigated?' asks Ray Jackson, President, Indigenous Social Justice Association.

Article by David Hamer, Associate Professor of Evidence and Proof at University of Sydney and Gary Edmond, Professor at University of New South Wales. [node:read-more:link]

Aboriginal Rates Case back on track

The Rates Case in the NSW Magistrates Court in Sydney between Brewarrina shire and Michael Anderson is challenging the question of sovereignty.

Before the question of rates payable can be dealt with, the legal argument is clearly a question of jurisdiction. Also, shire councils are being paid by the Commonwealth, which is believed to be double dipping, bordering on fraud

SU Request to UN: Safe passage for Freedom Flotilla to West Papua

The Sovereign Union of Aboriginal Nations and Peoples writes to all UN Ambassadors in NY, drawing their attention to the ancient customary relationship between Australian First Nations Peoples and the Peoples of West Papua.

They are told of the 'Freedom Flotilla' of peaceful supporters who are taking a cultural message of peace and support for the Peoples of West Papua and that passengers include a highly respected First Nations Elder.

The UN Ambassadors are requested to write to the State of Indonesia advising them that all people have a right to protest and not be harmed, as this is a fundamental human right in a true democracy. [node:read-more:link]

Euahlayi Nation declares independence and asserts pre-existing and continuing Statehood

On 3 August 2013 in Dirranbandi, Queensland, a meeting of key Euahlayi family members and Elders concluded that a letter be forwarded to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, informing her that the People of the Euahlayi have asserted their pre-existing and continuing Statehood.

This decision follows on from previous correspondence with Buckingham Palace in 2010.

The Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General answered that they were unable to supply any of the requested documents.

Inaugural Meeting of the Peoples Council of the Murrawarri Republic

The first meeting of the Peoples Council of the Murrawarri Republic was held at Weilmoringle on Saturday 13 July 2013 where the Murrawarri Peoples have maintained continuous occupation, presence and possession of their Ancient Murrawarri Land, Subsurface, Waters, Natural Resources and Airspace.

The Peoples Council formally passed a unanimous resolution to establish the Provisional Council of State.

Inaugural Meeting of the Peoples Council of the Murrawarri Republic
pdf Murrawarri Republic - Media Release 14 July 2013 pdf

Governments are attempting to steal our original sovereign citizenship and independence

Governments are attempting to steal our original sovereign citizenship and independence by deceit and assimilation by Grant.
- Michael Anderson

"The Policy of Assimilation of the Aboriginal Peoples was first developed by all the Australian States and the Commonwealth Government during the Aboriginal Welfare conference in the same year as the German Final Solution decree was made in 1937 against the Jews."


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