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Townsville professor blasts Australia over land rights and Intervention at international conference

Diet Simon 17 August 2012

An international conference in South Africa last month heard an Aboriginal woman professor from Townsville, Gracelyn Smallwood, blast Australia over land rights and the Northern Territory intervention.

She addressed the prestigious annual international conference of the International Association for Critical Realism, and received standing ovations for her three presentations.

She told me in an interview for Noosa Community Radio she expects her three talks, based on her PhD thesis to go feral internationally. The thesis is to be published by a London publisher Routledge "because it was too hot a potato for Australian publishers" she approached.

The conference took place from 18 to 20 July at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa.

Audio 1: 'Horrified about Australia's deep dark secret' - Professor Gracelyn Smallwood
(5 minute 23 seconds)

Audio 2: 'If we didn't collect enough copper wire and bottles to sell, we starved' - Professor Gracelyn Smallwood
(4 minute 12 seconds)

Audio 3: 'Australia is a racist society and we cannot reconcile without the truth' - Professor Gracelyn Smallwood
(1 minute 52 seconds)

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Thesis Download

Human rights and first Australians' well-being - Smallwood, Gracelyn (2011)
PhD thesis, James Cook University.
Title & Link Details
pdf Human rights and first Australians' well-being - Gracelyn Smallwood Thesis Front - PDF file (1181kb)
pdf Human rights and first Australians' well-being - Gracelyn Smallwood Whole Thesis - PDF File (4mb)