The removal of all Chagossians from their homelands by the UK - Does this sound familiar?


The International Court of Justice in The Hague has handed down a momentous judgement that says Britain's colonial authority over the Chagos Islands is no longer legal. Now the International Court of Justice has decided that the British government of the day had no right in law to separate the Chagos Islands from Mauritius when it granted Mauritius independence. The Court, whose powers are advisory, has said Britain must end its authority over the islands. By extension, that almost certainly makes the US base illegal. - John Pilger Report | NPR Report | News Com Report

Our Sovereign Neighbours from the Indian Ocean.
The United Kingdom did a deal with the United States and gave them the Chagossian peoples homeland Islands so the US do they could build a military base.
Diego Garcia, was the principal island which was the homelands of the Chagossians, most of them now live in Mauritius and the United Kingdom after being forcibly evicted by the British government in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Chagos islander Rosemond Sameenaden protesting outside the High Court in London
Image: The UK Mirror

By the UK Chagos support Association

The abuse suffered by the Chagossian people has been so great it can be overwhelming to read through it all. With that in mind, we've put together a 5 minute summary on the horrifying half century of human rights violations inflicted upon the Chagossian people. Also have a look at how you can support the Chagossian campaign for justice in 2015.
It started with The Deal

The Deportation

A Chagossian family now living in Mauritius but want to return to their homelands
(Graeme Robertson/Guardian)

The Broken Promises

The Legal Struggles

  • In 2000, the High Court judged the eviction of Chagossians was illegal. In 2004, the Government used Royal Prerogative to quash this decision, bypassing Parliament and the legal system. The law was enacted on election day to avoid media scrutiny.
  • Royal Prerogative was also used to approve the original deportation-meaning Chagossians' exile was never approved by Parliament or a UK court
  • The Government has continued to spend millions fighting court cases to prevent Chagossian return.
  • New Supreme Court challenges will be brought by Chagossians and their lawyers 22nd June

Location Map Chagos Archipelago

The Marine Protected Area

The Hope for Return: 2015

  • An independent study into Chagossian return home has found a resettled Chagossian society could be economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.
  • The Government pledged to resolve the issue before the 2015 election, but failed to do so. We need to pressure the new Parliament and Government, whoever they may be, to finally give Chagossians a measure of justice, and to do it now. (see Ben Fogle's interview for more detail)

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