New Way Summit Sydney - 8th and 9th May 2010

Chair: Michael Anderson

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 26 April 10

Aboriginal political activist, Michael Anderson, says the New Way Task Force will host the second New Way Summit at the Sydney University on the 8th and 9th May.

“This national summit will again be broadcast live throughout the internet for all to see,” Mr Anderson said, adding that the Task Force would include any feedback or discussion people may wish to engage in during the proceedings of the summit itself.

The first summit in Canberra in January concentrated primarily on the issue of the continuing sovereignty of Aboriginal nations and this summit will again focus on recent research on this matter.

“The outcome of these summit discussions will see the Task Force seek authority from its people for them to take a delegation to England to put before the English parliament a request to have them recognize their invasion of this land now known as Australia and to seek from the English a resolution so that Australia can be de-colonized.”

Mr Anderson says that as long as Australian governments refuse to accept and acknowledge that white Australia has a black history, Australia will never be a free country.

"This is a country that was invaded with strict instructions to apply the rules and disciplines of war, which meant that they knew from the outset that they would meet resistance," Mr Anderson writes.

"Then for them to carry on this charade of peaceful settlement without blood being shed is the greatest lie ever told and the MABO decision alerted the rest of Australia to this very fact, but the Australian governments were quick to quash this," Mr Anderson says .

"It is sad that the magnificent seven Aborigines, who collaborated with Prime Minister Paul Keating to write a Native Title Act under the banner of the federal government, caused our common law rights to be encoded rather than leaving it to the courts."

"The late Nugget Coombes said the Native Title Act was about establishing priority rights for mining companies, it had nothing to do with Aboriginal rights," Mr Anderson argues.

The horrors of history haunt Aborigines to this day and no one in this country except Aborigines themselves understands the inter-generational trauma that is felt to this very day, Michael Mr Anderson writes.

"The invasion on the 26th January, 1788, caused many deaths of Aboriginal men, women children who defended their lands from the invading British. The real Australian history shows murderous slaughters of Aboriginal people throughout this British colony," Mr Anderson says.

"As the British invasion crossed over the lands, thousands of nations had their people displaced and became refugees in their own land.

"Then, as the 20th century approached, the illegal governments that were established re-enforced the British rule of displacement by legislation, and forced the people to be removed and confined to prison camps in the guise of government mission stations.

"The peoples’ only escape from this tyranny was to apply for a citizenship passport (dog tags Aboriginal people call them) which gave them normal citizenship in their own country amongst the invader society; in other words honorary white status," Mr Anderson says.

"This national summit will focus on the lies and deceit of the national, state and territory governments," Mr Anderson says.

Mr Anderson, Chair of the National Task Force, says that while Australia is complicit in the cover up, "it was the British who invaded and it will be the British whom we will hold to account".