Tent Embassy delegates meet with Indonesian representatives

Aboriginal Tent Embassy delegation outside Indonesian Embassy in Canberra - From left: Ruth Gilbert, Alice Haines, Lara Pullin and Anthony Coombs.
Aboriginal Tent Embassy delegates meet with
official representatives of the Republic of Indonesia

On behalf of First Nations peoples, A delegation of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy asserted Sovereign representation in support of Kevin Buzzacott and Jacob Rumbiak, Foreign Minister of West Papua, and the Freedom Flotilla, to the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, and through them, the President of Indonesia. A Sovereign call for respect for the peaceful and sacred Flotilla, carrying sacred fire and water to link our sovereign nations.

The delegation demanded international respect for the long established international rights to protest, and demanded no armed intervention against the sacred elders. They emphasised Bob Carr and Julie Bishop do not speak on Sovereign matters, First Nations sovereign people do, with protection of the sacred law of their lands. The First Nations peoples in the lands known as 'Australia' have maintained international relations over millennium and this has only been interrupted in the past 230 years of colonisation and illegal occupation.

Inside the Indonesian Embassy, Canberra, Australia, 21 August 2013: left to right – Alice Haines, Anthony Coombs, Lara Pullin, Third Secretaries Supriyanto Suwito and Sezargerry Sumardi Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Australia and Ruth Gilbert.