Nyoongar Sovereign Embassy

Perth Tent Embassy

Bibbulman Tent Embassy Matagarup

Nyoongars in Western Australia have had enough of the genocide, dislocation, disempowerment, bribing and countless abuses by governments and their agents. They have made a determinated stance to hold a small parcel of land in protest for their rights as First Australians.

The Tent Embassy was set up following the 40th Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra but was triggered by WA Government putting forward a cash and benefit bribe for the extinguishment of their Native Title rights in the south-west region.

The embassy members have been required to set up new camps on a regular basis because of continued police harassment and an avalanche of police and local council raids. The WA police force are directed by the state's racist Premier.

The Embassy is located at Heirisson Island on the Swan River which is on the doorstep of Perth city, Western Australia - A sacred area for the Nyoongar people for thousands of years.

Dennis Eggington Video

Dennis Eggington, chief executive officer of the Aboriginal Legal Services of Western Australia answers questions and explains what the Nyoongar tent Embassy in Perth is about and it's association with Aboriginal peoples' sovereign rights. - (ABC 7.30 Perth)