UNITY - "Unless our Peoples come together and resist as one, all that will remain will be isolated pockets of liberation fighters being oppressed by the assimilated."
Gathering of Nations 2017
Sovereign Union in conjunction with the Yorta Yorta Nation
Gathering of Nations

to talk about Treaty/Treaties Native Title Act and UDI's
(UDI's) Unilateral Declarations of Independence
23-25 November 2018
From midday Friday and BBQ; 9-5 Saturday and Sunday
Yarramundi Cultural Centre (was called Burringiri)
245 Lady Denman Drive, Lake Burley Griffin Canberra

Concealing colonial strings of control

Concealing colonial strings of control

On this anniversary of 9/11 it is a good opportunity to compare spin and denial. The events of 9/11 are still being analysed, but Dr Judy Woods’ collection of photographs reveal far more than the impact of two planes flying into the Twin Towers.

Australia will never accede to any demands for a truth-telling commission relating to its historical processes of colonisation, because of the consequences that will have to be faced by England and Australia alike for their wrongdoings. Read more about Concealing colonial strings of control

Treaties with the occupying colonial States and the Yulara Statement

The crossroads to self-determination and assimilation

The Governments have been very clever in the last thirty years to use the disunity within our communities to withdraw funding and shut down burgeoning successful community organisations. The Governments achieved the total destruction of these organizations by the First Nations lackeys, of whom there are plenty, to shut down our hard fought for successes and now these communities have nothing. The regurgitated Constitutional Inclusion/Recognition and the Yulara Statement have been rejected by the grassroots across Australia. It's still being pushed by blacks living off blood money Read more about Treaties with the occupying colonial States and the Yulara Statement

Academic Paper argues that First Nations communal allodial land title cannot be extinguished by fraud

Academic Paper argues that First Nations laws of the land still exist

Australian governments want courts, constituted overwhelmingly by non-indigenous lawyers, to decide land disputes as for feudal socage.

This article puts up an argument that Australian indigenous land title is communal allodial title, as a bundle of subsisting rights by operation of Australian Continental Common Law, which therefore cannot be extinguished by the fraud inherent in frame transformation. Read more about Academic Paper argues that First Nations communal allodial land title cannot be extinguished by fraud

Native entitlement: Wheeling and dealing in the Kimberley

It's not uncommon for resource companies to provide sponsorship to build community relations. Usually, it's for a local sporting club. But this particular request, it poses a problem. It came from the adult daughter of Wayne Bergmann, the former chief executive of the Kimberley Land Council. Bergmann now leads an entity closely related to the land council called KRED Enterprises, and he remains a special adviser to the land council's board, which is chaired by his friend, Anthony Watson. And in a nod to just how cosy things have been in the Kimberley, Watson was also KRED's inaugural chairman. Read more about Native entitlement: Wheeling and dealing in the Kimberley

Another Economy in Australia

Another Economy in Australia

There's always been an economy in the lands now known as Australia. Well, for at least 60,000 years. In 1788, when the British first started dispossessing the Rightful Owners of the soil, the Crown imposed a different legal and economic system onto these lands. By settlering as if onto a terra nullius, the imposed economic order displaced and discounted the Traditional Economy, impoverishing the Traditional Owners. Native Title, after years of fighting to get the Crown to acknowledge inherited Rights, leaves people with a very limited form of Property Title. Read more about Another Economy in Australia


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