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Day 2 - Formal establishment of interim National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union

DAY 2 - Thursday 24 May 2012

8am till late - REGISTRATION at 8am

Venue: Sandon Point Embassy, Wollongong, NSW

All Aboriginal nations are being called on to send two delegates
- one man and one woman (if appropriate)
to the inaugural assembly of the Sovereign Union interim National Unity Government

If possible bring a young person(s) between 15 & 25.

Each nation will have a limit of two official delegates to the interim National Unity Government.

Draft Agenda:

The formal establishment of the interim National Unity Government of the Sovereign Union

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Aboriginal nations

Focusing on the proposed new Constitution

Program of stages towards independence and timeline

Allocation of interim portfolios

Development of diplomatic and international relations

Strategies for representations in United Nations