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Latest Declaration of Independence and the web of controls we need to free ourselves from

Wiradjuri Central West Republic

The latest Declaration of Independence by the Wiradjuri Central West Republic took place at Wellington Council Chambers, NSW, on 22 January 2014.

Our valid right to our inherent pre-existing and continuing sovereign independence is the foundation of the Sovereignty Movement, through which our people are finding revived hope and renewed confidence. [node:read-more:link]

Anderson: Cuts to Aboriginal Legal Aid budget deny natural justice and rights of appeal

The recent cuts by the Commonwealth government to the Aboriginal Legal Aid budget demonstrate the need for Aboriginal people to change the way they do business with governments.

These cuts to legal aid will also deny people of their natural legal right to appeal severity of sentencing and to appeal the facts presented by police, etc. There will be others who will no longer have access to the Court of Criminal Appeal from within prison. The underfunded pilot diversionary programs being introduced are no substitute for natural justice. [node:read-more:link]

Aboriginal Law must sit on top of whiteman's law, because 'our Law is the Law of this land'

Lawman Murray George (APY)

The Sovereign Union Gathering of Nations in Canberra on 23-24 November 2013 raised the bar higher for the political agenda, than at any other time in the Aboriginal struggle.

This was confirmed when senior Lawman Harry Nelson presented the Gathering of Nations with his most sacred Law symbol that he had brought from his Country, where it was united with the sacred Law symbol of the Euahlayi Nation.

As Murray George said at the beginning, Aboriginal Law must sit on top of whiteman's law, because our Law is the Law of this land. [node:read-more:link]

Sovereign Union moves forward - 3 Nations already declared their independence

Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks and Ghillar Michael Anderson (Image: Geoff Bagnell, National Indigenous Times)

Seventeen Nations were represented at the inaugural Gathering of Nations, held in the House of Representatives in Old Parliament House and at the Aboriginal Embassy, Canberra. Three of these Nations have already declared their continuing independence and pre-existing Statehood. They are the Murrawarri Republic; the Euahlayi Peoples Republic and the Republic of Mbarbaram, Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland.

Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks of the Alyewarre Nation and Ghillar Michael Anderson, Head of State of the Euahlayi Nation, were chosen unanimously as joint head spokespersons for the Sovereign Union on behalf of the Nations present. [node:read-more:link]

Sovereign Union and Our Political Future

The survival of our Mother Earth and our very right to exist is what we have to defend.

The Sovereign Union is an organisation that does not accept the right of the existing pseudo-government of Australia to rule over the rights of our Peoples.

There are a number of International Court of Justice decisions that clearly state that Sovereignty remains with the People. [node:read-more:link]

2013 Gathering of Nations in Canberra - Agenda

The agenda for the 2013 gathering is to focus on where we are at and where we are going.

There are many First Nations and Peoples finding themselves confused and frustrated because governments are forcing Native Title through Land Use Agreements and the Mining companies are doing the same with government funded Native Title representative bodies.

We are being cheated and deceived through grand theft.

Euahlayi Peoples Republic appoint their Provisional Executive Council of State

At the Provisional Executive Council of State meeting of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic various Ministerial Portfolios were allocated.

'We have been silent for too long and now that we are truly beginning to understand our rights under International law we will make very deliberate moves that enhances our ability to govern in our way according to our Law and customs, combined with modernity, which we will adapt to our ways of governing ...'

Calling all Aboriginal Nations to Canberra 23-24 November 2013

Nations Gathering
Calling all Aboriginal Nations to Canberra

The venue for the Nations Gathering will be Old Parliament House, Canberra, commencing at 10:00am with morning tea and registration at the Aboriginal Embassy at 9:00am.

Delegations can consist of an Elder, a youth and delegation leader, that is three people from each Nation. The visitors’ gallery will be open for the public and microphone’s will be placed in the visitors’ gallery for people if they wish to ask questions or make comments. - Details of gathering


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