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Michael Anderson challenges Professor and Attorney-general to publicly debate sovereigny

Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union of First Nations and Peoples in Australia said today: "A recent comment made by one of Australia's leading constitutional lawyers, Prof George Williams, demonstrates the incapacities on non-Aboriginal legal experts to see beyond the legal system that they are sworn to serve and uphold.

"Clearly Prof Williams lacks objectivity in his radio interview with The Wire, because his teachings and his practice focus primarily on the system that affords him his status in his society, which is the same society that seeks to steal our patrimony, citizenship and usurp our sovereignty without any legal foundation. [node:read-more:link]

Murrawarri people: The Queen Recognises Murrawarri Republic

On the 3rd of April 2013 the Murrawarri Peoples Council wrote to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second advising her of the declaration of the Murrawarri Nations continued Independence and Statehood and requested Her Royal Highness produce documents that show how Sovereignty, Dominion and Ultimate (Radical) Title was obtained over the Murrawarri Nation Ancient Lands, Waters, Subsurface, Natural Resources and Airspace under International and British Common Law.

By not producing these documents the Crown has affirmed the Murrawarri Republic to be a continued Free and Independent State, in line with International law and covenants.

Don't sign your sovereign rights away with ILUAs

Michael Anderson, spokeperson for Sovereign Union warns Aboriginal and Torres Strait people against signing Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUA), saying they cede their sovereignty for a few crumbs if they do.

"In Australia we have reached a very important time in our history. We must come together as distinct sovereign nations to jointly locate a national perspective on our sovereign rights," he writes. [node:read-more:link]

Murrawarri claim renews sovereignty campaign

Fred Hooper and Gracie Gordon

A declaration of independence refreshes the campaign for Indigenous sovereignty over parts of Australia.

Fred Hooper, spokesperson for the Murrawarri Republic says if Queen Elizabeth can't provide proof of ultimate title the Murrawarri Republic would consider itself as an independent nation in the world and they'd be seeking United Nations assistance.

Eminent historian Professor Henry Reynolds says the issue of Aboriginal sovereignty has never been decided by Australian courts because in previous claims the courts have determined that they're not equipped to make a ruling. [node:read-more:link]

A fight against paying rates on ancient homelands

Both the Euahlayi and the Murrawarri Nations have joined in a combined effort to fight against paying rates on their ancient homelands.

This is an issue that has arisen as a consequence of the Brewarrina Shire Council seeking payment of rates for services on their ancient homelands.

The matter is beyond the scope and jurisdiction of the State courts so the Federal Attorney-General will now consult with the State and Territory Attorneys-General. [node:read-more:link]

The Murrawarri Republic declaration

On the 30th March 2013, Murrawarri people from the Culgoa River region of northern New South Wales, Australia, declared their Sovereignty of their lands under the name of the Murrawarri Republic.

They declare their continued independent statehood on behalf of their peoples and, by virtue of their natural ancestral and inherent right and on the strength of the resolution of their People, declare the Murrawarri State. [node:read-more:link]

Australia's 'admissions against their own interest' - an alert to the Canberra Centenary

On the centenary of Canberra (12 March) it is timely to draw attention to the fact that the sovereignty question, as it relates to Aboriginal Nations and Peoples, is now a living and active thought and aspiration, which is steadily developing into a nationwide movement.

It is now essential that we look at some international legal factors that give rise to the strengthening of our asserted positions of ‘sovereignty never ceded' and ‘continuing sovereignty'. [node:read-more:link]

Les Malezer needs to be called to answer for a major fraud ...

... re UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

In a media release Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union movement said the opposition to the Act of Recognition carried to Commonwealth Parliament by the Sovereign Union protest on 13 February 2013 is very important as it highlights the First Nations peoples continuing resistance to the dictatorial traits of Australian governments, but we must also be very mindful of what it is that we are fighting for as sovereign entities, who have never ceded our sovereignty.

After the protest the Sovereign Union served formal notice of our opposition to the Act of Recognition to the Queen, via the Governor-General, the Prime Minister, all members of the Federal Parliament with copies to all member states of the United Nations. [node:read-more:link]


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