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A Sovereign Treaty is the only constitutional reform with the potential of justice for Aboriginal Nations and Peoples

Ghillar Michael Anderson

Tinkering at the edges of a profoundly racist constitution is no solution for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nations and Peoples. ... Nowhere else in the world would anyone accept what is going on in Australia in respect to this 'Expert' Panel's recommendations.

This report is an absolute farce and treacherous, because it is done for the purpose of suggesting to the international community that democracy played its part through a process of consultation, but this recent process is absolutely flawed and, instead, represents a dictatorial approach to forcing against our will Aboriginal Peoples' patrimony to an invader society.

Mainstream Australians should not close their eyes and turn their backs on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, in order to secure their comforts and security at our expense.

Constitution Reform should be a sovereign treaty.   Facebook - Vote NO to Constitutional Reform
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