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Genocide, Deaths in Custody and Massacres
Type Title & Link Details
pdf Genocide in Australia - Prof Colin Tatz 'AIATSIS' Research paper PDF File (366.31kb)
pdf Aboriginal Suicide is different- Prof Colin Tatz - criminolgy research paper PDF File (451/71KB)
pdf Australia: A continuing genocide - by Dr Damien Short - December 2010 PDF File (225.93KB)
pdf Doing Time - Time for Doing - Indigenous youth / criminal justice system 2011 PDF File (3560kb)
pdf Aboriginal deaths in Custody - 2001 to 2009 PDF File (31.38 KB)
pdf Abduction & Multiple Killings in Tasmania: 1804-1835 Lyndall Ryan PDF File (1096)
pdf Australia USA East Timor & the Aborigines - Ben Kiernan 2002 PDF File (1754)
pdf Patterns of frontier genocide 1803-1910 - Genocide Research (2004) PDF File (143kb)
pdf Massacre in Tasmania? How Can We Know? by Lyndall Ryan PDF File (1667kb)
pdf Passionate Histories - Frances Peters-Little, Ann Curthoys & John Docker PDF File (2855 KB)
pdf Willie Lynch Speech: 'The making of a slave' Viginia 1712 PDF File (100.82 KB)
pdf The Mallee Cliffs Burial Central River Murray - by Colin Pardoe PDF File ()
pdf Australian Bureau of Statistics prison rates - March 2012 PDF File
pdf Coroners Report for Mr Briscoe - Released 17 September 2012 PDF File (2763kb)
Child Protection & Stolen Generation
Type Title & Link Details
pdf Queensland Child Protection Act - 2012 2009 Act reprint - PDF File
pdf Queensland Child Protection Act - 2003 Reprinted 01/01/12 - PDF File
pdf CROC - Convention on the Rights of the Child - 1990 PDF File (112.42 KB)
pdf NSW F&CCS Statistics 2010/11 Report January 2012 - PDF File
First Nations sovereignty, justice, the law and the land
Type Title & Link Details
pdf Aboriginal Sovereignty: justice, the law and land - Kevin Gilbert 1987 PDF File
pdf Aborigines Act, 1934 - No. 2154 Recognisance Recognise 'R' .pdf File ()
pdf Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols OXFAM Australia .pdf File ()
doc International Criminal Court (Consequential Amendments) Act 2002 .doc File (425 KB)
pdf Amnesty International Report - Country by Country 2011 PDF File (1.11 MB)
pdf WW2 AIF Letters: Ban on Aborigines enlisting - PDF File (2240kb)
pdf Aboriginal Sovereignty 1992 - Cartoon Graphic Kevin Gilbert P49 - PDF File
pdf Make a Treaty this time 1988 - Cartoon Graphic Kevin Gilbert P47 - PDF File
NT Intervention Non Government Files
Type Title & Link Details
pdf Yolnguw Makarr-Dhuni (Yolnguw Nations Assembly Oct 2012) Statement PDF File
pdf 'Will they be heard?' Responsce to NTER November 2009 PDF File
pdf Rebuilding from the ground up - Alternative to NT Intervention 2011 PDF File (35.15 KB)
Caring for Country - Land & Sea
Type Title & Link Details
pdf The Biggest estate on earth - How Aborigines made Australia - Bill Gammage PDF File (3901)
pdf Health and Wellbeing: Importance of Country - Cynthia Ganesharajah 2009 PDF File (356kb)
pdf 'Walmadany' Kimberley Background Paper by Prof Freya Mathew PDF File (483kb)
pdf 'Fire stick farming' hypothesis: Foraging strategies & biodiversity PDF File (418.44 KB)
pdf Voices in the basin Northern Murray Darling Basin PDF File
pdf NBAN Voices in the basin Murray-Darling Basin Plan (NBAN) - Submission PDF File
Mining & Abuse of Country Land, Sea and Air
Type Title & Link Details
pdf Kalgoorlie Olymipic Dam Mine Earth Quake Dangers PDF File (665 KB)
pdf Proposed radioactive waste dump at Muckaty - Briefing Paper 2011 PDF File (146.01 KB)

Un-Categorised Files
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pdf Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Protocols OXFAM Australia .pdf File ()
pdf Comparison Land Rights & Native Title - CLC, NT, March 2008 PDF File (150kb)
pdf Blanket brainwashing - Fairfax Media List, Australia 2010 PDF File (38kb)
pdf Cultural Protocols for Indigenous Reporting in the Media ABC Message Stick - PDF File
pdf Freedom of Information - Indigenous Spending Review February 2010 PDF File (4614kb)