Canberra: Referendum Council extends its propaganda meetings

The Referendum Council has been having invitation-only dialogue meetings with Aboriginal people across Australia which we called 'secret meetings' because only selected First Nations people were allowed to attend and many Tribes and Nations were not represented, some have even been turned away at the door. We know of least one First Nations person who was refused to be a delegate for the Uluru meeting even though nominated and agreed upon by the meeting.

Now we find that there is an additional 'Invitation-Only' meeting in Canberra.
First Nations people who have been seeking a voice for the 'NO' vote have discovered this meeting in Canberra on Wednesday 10 May 2017, because as it was poorly advertised many people do not know about it, so are unable to attend.

Copy of 'Invitation' Email

Please find attached an invitation from Ms Pat Anderson, Co-Chair of the Referendum Council, to attend a one day information session for members of the ACT Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community on Wednesday 10th May 2017.

The meeting is being hosted by the United Ngunnawal Elders Council and convened by Mrs Caroline Hughes and Dr Chris Bourke.

At these meetings, the Referendum Council has been misleading our people, providing false information on constitutional law, and the invading government's false claim that for Aboriginal people to be included in the constitution, it will not extinguish Aboriginal Inherited Sovereignty.

Wrong legal advice by Professors on Referendum and Sovereignty

The Referendum Council has engaged the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) to organise the one day information session.

At the foot of this email is a link, which will take you to a form we would like you to complete to let us know if you will attend or not. This will assist AIATSIS to identify catering requirements and other needs and to make travel arrangements (for attendees who do not live locally).

Please note: the Referendum Council will not pay sitting fees for attendance at the one day information session.

Agenda and other information

The meeting will be held at the Cultural Centre at Yarramundi Reach, from 8:30am to 5:00pm on Wednesday 10th May 2017. The agenda and other information will be provided closer to the date of the meeting.

Important information about transport and accommodation (for those who do not live locally)

The Referendum Council, through AIATSIS, will meet reasonable costs for travel, meals, parking and accommodation for your participation in this meeting.


All reasonable transport costs, such as mileage, inter-city coach hire, cab vouchers, parking, and, if required, in-transit accommodation will be covered.

Accommodation (for those who do not live locally)
Where required, accommodation details will be provided with your travel itinerary closer to the date.

Please note: expenses incurred other than for accommodation, for example mini-bar, room service, additional Wi-Fi access (other than provided as part of your accommodation) will not be covered by the Referendum Council. You will be required to meet these expenses upon checkout.

Confirm attendance

Please click here to confirm your attendance or to decline. If you are attending, you will be asked to provide information so we can book your travel and accommodation, if necessary, and where relevant, post taxi vouchers to you. You will also be able to tell us about any special dietary or other needs.

We apologise for the short notice for this meeting and if you could please submit the form as soon as you can, and by no later than, Thursday 4th May 2017, it would be appreciated.

If you have any difficulty submitting the form or have any questions, please contact us via or call 1800 953 353 (free call) Mon to Fri during business hours.

Kind regards,
Constitutional Reform Indigenous Consultations Team
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
51 Lawson Crescent, Acton Canberra ACT 2601 | GPO Box 553 Canberra City ACT 2601
Free Call: 1800 953 353  |  Phone: 02 6129 3936  |  Email: 

Copy of online Attendance Form
Note: No provisions for language(s) Clan(s). Tribe(s) or Nation(s).