Finally, A War Memorial for First Nations soldiers

ANZAC day is when many Australians reflect on the losses and pain afflicted by the European's wars.

Australia's First Nations soldiers that fought in these wars received no recognition upon returning home. They were not allowed in RSL clubs; not encouraged to march on Anzac Day; there were no soldier settlement blocks and there is no official memorial.

AAP Yahoo April 9, 2013

Australia's indigenous diggers didn't just have to fight bullets in conflicts overseas - when they returned home they also had to fight racism.

But NSW's first war memorial dedicated to Indigenous soldiers will soon take pride of place in the centre of Sydney.

The City of Sydney council has asked Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists to submit designs for the monument, which will be in place in Sydney's Hyde Park for Anzac Day 2015, the centenary of Australia's involvement in World War I.

The Coloured Diggers Group launched a campaign for the memorial almost five years ago.

Co-founder Ray Minniecon says the location in the heart of Sydney is important.

"We need to make sure we honour the memory of these very brave men and women and do justice to the incredible sacrifice they made," Pastor Minniecon said on Tuesday.

"We must also remember what happened to them when they came back and that it's not glossed over.

"They struggled overseas fighting bullets, then came back to Australia and had to fight racism."

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the new memorial would be seen by visitors from across Australia and around the world.

"Even before (they) were counted in the census and recognised as citizens, they were putting their lives at risk to defend this country," Ms Moore said.

"It will be a lasting reminder of the contribution Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples make and continue to make to Australia's protection."

The City of Sydney will put $500,000 towards the construction and installation of the memorial.