No Consent to Recognition - Aboriginal Embassy 22 to 25 June 2017

Call to Action 22 to 24 June 2017

22 - 25 June 2017
Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra

First Nations Peoples say NO CONSENT to constitutional 'Recognition'.
Extended to four days of actions and pathways forward
NB: extended to include Sunday 25 June

Urgent National Call to Action - 22 - 24 June 2017<br>Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra<br><br>
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Urgent National Call to Action for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to oppose the Australian government's constitutional the governments 'Recognition' agenda

A national rally has been called by the 32 First Nations people (Referendum Council Delegates and other First Nations representatives) who walked out in opposition and disgust from the Referendum Council's Uluru National Convention on 25 May 2017.

We are calling all First Nations Peoples who do not support constitutional 'Recognition' or who want to learn more about how this will affect our sovereign rights, to converge at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy between 22-25 June 2017.

The Australian government is trying take away our Law, rights, lands culture and future, by putting British Crown law on top of our ancient Law and culture. First Nations Law is the true Law of this Land.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy and the Sovereign Union are helping to host the national rally in Canberra, at this critical time.

On 22nd June 2017, both houses of the Australian Parliament will be sitting – their last sitting day until August 2017. This is an opportunity for our voices to be heard. Join us at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy at 9am, with the rally to Parliament House to commence at 10:30am.

Let's show Australia and the world that we the First Nations Peoples say No Consent to constitutional 'recognition', and that we are asserting our sovereign rights as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in our own Country.

Sovereign Union and the Aboriginal Tent Embassy now calls for all Australians to work with First Nations Peoples to liberate ourselves from the devastation of British colonialism.

We seek volunteer experts in international constitutional law to work with our Elders and younger generations to develop a completely new constitution for an Australian Republic, which incorporates our ancient Laws of Humanity and the integration of a modern process of governance based on multiple sovereignties that takes us forward into a new era based on truth and justice.

First Nations Rising for Sovereignty

By enshrining the Law of the Land that comes from the Dreaming/Creation, which is the spirit of the land, we can move into the modern period founded on the continental common law, which is the Sovereignty of the First Nations of this island continent. The Law of the Land has sustained us since time began and has with stood the test of time through ice ages, floods and droughts.

Work on this new pathway will commence on 22-25 June 2017 at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy, Canberra, where we can bring together the Old Ways and the New Ways for a
sustainable and just future for humanity.

Please bring your friends and families, your banners and voices

  • BYO everything – be self-suffcient in every way.
  • Personal Responsibility – every person who attends is responsible for themselves and family's health, wellbeing and safety. All participants are expected to act maturely and responsibly as representatives of their First Nations at this critical time.
  • Be thoughtful and respectful to all attendees.
  • The Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Sovereign Union accepts no liability whatsoever in the event of accidents / mishaps or any other circumstance that may arise.
  • This is a peaceful action – This event is a drug and alcohol free. Anyone breaching these rules will forfeit their right to continue on with the event and will be asked to leave.
  • Camping in Canberra – it is cold! Be prepared for extremely cold weather (currently around minus 4 at night-time). Bring warm winter clothes, bedding and camping equipment.

Don't miss this national uprising in defence of our ancient Sovereign rights!

Media Contacts
Ruth Gilbert & Ghillar, Michael Anderson

Ruth Gilbert:

Ghillar, Michael AndersonContact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convenor of the Sovereign Union,
Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic
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