Attendance Form - Sovereign Union Gathering 2014

Representatives of Nations
Sovereign Union extends an invitation to all First Nations and Peoples in Australia to meet together in Canberra on Saturday and Sunday 1 - 2 November 2014. The invitation is open to three delegates from each Sovereign Nation. (Women and Youth are encouraged to be included where possible)

Non-Indigenous observers
All non-Indigenous people are welcome to attend as observers at the old House of Representative chambers but there is only seating for around 200 people. There is some observers seating above the chambers in the old press gallery and the meeting will be screened on the lobby monitors - the lobby also has some seating.
At all times First Nations people will have priority on all seating.
Attendance Form
Sovereign Union Gathering, 1 and 2 November, 2014
First Nations name(s) and/or Given names
Non-Indigenous people please type NIL. Non Indigenous people who have sought specific permission from a Nation, have been delegated by a Nation to represent them or are accompanying First Nations delegates, type NIL followed by the Nation(s) and the name(s) of the First Nations person(s) - Further details can be provided in the text box below
The closest well-known town or city near your home/community
The number of people that this form lodgement reprepresents
Please feel free to ask questions or provide us with further information here. Leave a space between each subject. (The box extends automatically if you require more room)
Joint Head Spokespersons for the Sovereign Union
Pangarte Rosalie Kunoth-Monks -
Ghillar Michael Anderson,, 0427 292 492
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