Lest We Forget the Frontier Conflicts March

Fronter War remembrance Canberra Anzac Day

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic issues an invitation for people to join in the 'Lest We Forget the Frontier Conflicts March' on Anzac Day and provides an insight into the significance of this march of commemoration.

Lest We Forget the Frontier Conflicts March

9.30 am Thursday 25 April 2019
Starts from west end of Anzac Parade, cnr Constitution Ave, Reid, Canberra

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The Australian public must soon get an understanding and appreciation of the struggle and the confrontations that have been going on since the day Joseph Banks at Camay, Botany Bay recorded in his private journal for 28 April 1770:

"… as soon as we approached the rocks two of the men came down upon them, each armed with a lance … They called in a harsh sounding language … shaking their lances and menacing, in all appearance resolved to dispute our landing to the utmost tho they were but two and we 30 or 40 at least.
"In this manner we parlyed with them for about a quarter of an hour, they waving to us to be gone, we again signing that we wanted water and that we meant them no harm.
"They remained resolute so a musket was fired over them, the effect of which was that the Youngest of the two dropped a bundle of lances on the rock at the instant in which he heard the report; he however snatched them up again and both renewed their threats and opposition.
"A Musket loaded with a ball shot was now fired at the Eldest of the two who was about 40 yards from the boat; it struck him on the legs but he minded it very little so another was immediately fired at him; on this he ran up to the house about 100 yards distant and soon returned with a shield. In the meantime we landed on the rock."

Fronter Wars March

It is clear and evident that Cook and his men did not in any way procure any agreement nor permission to land on any part of the eastern seaboard.

As we move through the real and original Journals and not the fake journals that are being bandied around as the Australian 'Founding Documents', the Australian public must realise that what they are actually reading is doctored data, in which the truth is somewhat distorted.

The conflict between the British invaders and First Nations Peoples continue to this very day in Australia. What went on in this country was an orgy of bloodshed without restraint or restriction. First Nations Peoples defended their lands and continue to do so at great loss.

Fronter Wars March

I need not go through the devastation, which is well recorded on this website, but I will say that if we are to promote truth-telling throughout the districts of this land in public town hall meetings and name the perpetrators describing what they did, the public's realisation of what actually took place during the invasion of this land will shock and horrify the listeners. Politicians in this country will fight to suppress any truth-telling. Their personal sponsors to their positions will not permit them, especially members of the National Party.

Such was the hatred and disdain for the First Nations Peoples of this land, I now turn to a Greek story Antigone by Sophocles to draw a parallel in understanding of the gravity of what has occurred. Antigone was written on or before 441BC.

First Nations Law and culture and customary practices demand that the dead are revered and buried with Respect. This is reflected in the classic Story of Antigone, which profoundly exposes the consequences that flow from 'the choice of sacrilege'.

When the Greek King Creon forbade the burying of Antigone's brother, Antigone defied the King in order to uphold the sacredness of 'the one law always was and shall forever be'. She challenged the King in her defence:
"No edict of yours could ever outweigh the law ordained by the gods, the unwritten law, unchanging for all eternity, its origin lost in time!

I can face death, but I cannot leave my brother unburied!
You may think me foolish. Then you may be the greater fool!
One law rules all the dead!"

When the British sovereign's delegated authorities brutally invaded our lands, now known as Australia, under the Rules and Disciplines of War, there was so much death that the bodies of our people remained unburied. The ancient human law was further broken when the bodies of our people were mutilated; skun alive; severed of testicles to be made into tobacco pouches; severed of ears to be pinned on homestead walls as a tally of trophies; beheaded and the heads stored in foreign lands in museums and schools of anatomy, along with innumerable bones; severed heads were mixed up and placed with the wrong body (our people are now reluctant to accept some of the bodies as we no longer have trust that the body and the head are of the same person); so many bodies were burned on 'boong fires' for the culprits to avoid the charge of murder; so many men, women and children were left where they fell to be torn apart as carrion and digested by maggots, and their bones left exposed to the elements to be trampled by stock. The land was 'cleared of vermin'. In the words of a landholder, "We created a silence and called it peace."

The memories of our fallen are now cherished by our physical presence, where for eight years First Nations' representatives and our supporters have marched in Canberra on Anzac Day, 25 April, behind the main procession, as a gesture to honour our fallen and to let them know they are never forgotten. We witness the disdain with which we are treated when we commemorate our dead on this day, held sacred by the newcomers. For eight years we have been further disrespected by being told our dead of this land are of no consequence to British/Australian colonial authority.

Strangely and ominously, I see the story of Antigone unfolding before my eyes. Many here in Australia, like Antigone, who have tried to access the bones of the dead in order to rebury them, have been thwarted by the threat of being jailed or shot for trespass by the landholder. The unburied remains of my People of the Euahlayi lay behind fences with signs that dictate 'Keep out' or 'Trespassers will be prosecuted'. They lay, along with the Burranbindji, where they were slaughtered in 1848 by a squatter Con Bride at Hospital Creek nine miles (14 kilometres) east northeast of Brewarrina. Euahlayi were also slaughtered at Tungra approximately 60 km west of Walgett and also at a place 40 km southeast of Angledool. Many of my people perceive a layer of unrested spirits in the atmosphere, because too many died and their funerals could never be performed.

In October 2017, I was introduced to the Governor of New South Wales, David Hurley AC, DSC, FTSE, at the largest First Nations gathering in New South Wales, the Koori Knockout Football Carnival at Leichhardt Oval, Roselle, Sydney. I requested a meeting to further discuss the burying of the dead, as Euahlayi and the other First Nations cannot recover from the genocide perpetrated against us in the name of the Crown, until this is done. The Governor arranged for me to meet him six months later at Government House in Sydney, where we talked cordially and I explained further the dire necessity for Euahlayi to be able to bury our dead according to Euahlayi Law, culture and custom and to memorialise them, so that all may know where not to walk over the dead in this land, and so that a cathartic healing may begin.

With a similar misguided stubbornness attributed to King Creon in the Story of Antigone, Governor Hurley failed to act with empathy and maturity and even failed to reply to my request on behalf of all the fallen, despite our face-to-face discussions at Government House, Sydney.

On 16 December 2018 it was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison that the New South Wales Governor, David Hurley, will be appointed the 27th Governor-General of Australia on 28 June 2019, so now he has a higher position and becomes Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

The warning in Antigone from an Elder of Thebes, regarding King Creon's breaching of the 'one law always was and shall forever be' resonates as a warning to this day:

"He breaks human laws, the unwritten law of the gods …
but if man is stubborn in the pursuit of evil and injustice,
he is unfit to rule the state!"

The fateful consequence of dishonouring the dead can once again cause the Crown to depart, this time from Australia, just as King Creon removed his crown in wretched mortal shame for his wrongdoing and disobedience to the ancient law to bury the dead, as he realised too late that, "It is best to live with reverence for the law of the gods."

Aboriginal Children Frontier War March

If we are to progress towards a just outcome of the past atrocities committed against us in the name of the Crown, then we need to be assured that the Crown is willing to restore faith, for my People of the Euahlayi can never progress while ever there is resistance and an unwillingness to shed the shackles of colonisation in all its manifestations. What is for my People is also for the rest of the First Nations throughout Australia.

Anzac Day represents a day to remember the fallen, who it is said gave their lives in defense of the freedoms that we enjoy and to protect the world from tyrannical leaders, whose ambitions are to control through dictatorship and violence, thus suppressing freedom and expression of the human mind and spirit. This may have been achieved for some non-First Nations Peoples, but we are yet to experience justice, freedom and healing.

I have looked far and wide for the documents that say that the British/Australian colonialists no longer operate under the 'Rules and Disciplines of War' in respect to their occupation of this country that they have illegally seized as their own.

Not enough of our People, nor the public, have the ability to see and understand that what we are experiencing in Australia now is a siege mentality, between First Nations Peoples and the politicians and State, Territory and Federal authorities. This is all done under the cover of darkness and guided by Hidden Hands. Publicly the government has the ability to influence the media to give false messages and fake news and thereby defraud the public of the realities of the current stand-off between proper grass-roots leadership and the government authorities at the highest level.

Despite the darkness, it is a little heartening to see that the Guardian and the ABC, at least, have the ability to discuss the fact that our people, who volunteered for the major wars that Australia has been involved in, were always fighting for England's wars; e.g. World Wars I and II; Korea, Vietnam; Crimea, the Boer War and now Afghanistan.

Prior to 1967 our people volunteered and fought in these wars as 'aliens' and who were classified as Wards of the State under laws of 'protection' by the Crown. The recent ABC story talks about the fact that our peoples were never permitted to receive Soldier Settlement Land Grants for their services to the English Crown, but the socages were only afforded to non-Aboriginal men. Another factor that has to be acknowledged is that those First Nations people, who fought in the early wars, were never afforded State-funded burials for their services as returned soldiers. There are many Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders who continue to lie in unmarked graves. I might add that there are private citizens who are now attempting to bring and give recognition to these fallen men and women and we appreciate their efforts and regard these people very highly. The RSL, on the other hand, only gives recognition by way of hanging photographs in some of their clubs of some of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who served in the defence forces, but most of these remain anonymous in unmarked graves.

The Lest We Forget the Frontier Conflicts March on Anzac Day is, and will forever be, a march that represents the true story of First Nations and Peoples fighting for and in defense of their land, a sacred duty. Those who went to all the wars for Britain were assisting to retain the the British Empire for the Crown, which at the same time was usurping First Nations' sovereignty illegally.

The rest is up to the will of the politicians, who are elected by the people with the expectation that wrongdoings will be addressed in an open and truthful manner, with real purpose and outcomes that will bring justice and healing to our First Nations Peoples and the Land.

Ghillar, Michael AndersonContact: Ghillar Michael Anderson
Convenor of the Sovereign Union,
Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic
Contact Details here

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