Freedom Flotilla prepares for the last leg of the journey to West Papua

Freedom Flotilla participants at Australian Customs Thursday Island - Enlarge image
Uncle Kevin Buzzacott at Australian Customs 5th September 2013

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Amos and Pat with the Flotilla crew at Customs detailing their travel plans and presenting their Original Nations Passports

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Freedom Flotilla participants visited the Australian Customs Office on Thursday Island yesterday to inform them of the groups next undertakings and ask customs to pass on their request for safe passage to West Papua to the Australian government.

Arabunna elder Kevin Buzzacott said before visiting the customs office, "We are exerting our ancient authority for this journey. The Australian government and Indonesian government are refusing to accept our original national passport why should we accept theirs? We are from an ancient time before these border were created, when we were one people.”"

He continued, "I don't know how Australians can stand by as genocide is being committed in West Papua. The President needs be charged with for war crimes for what has happened to the Papuan people and Australia is complicit in these crimes. By not accepting our sovereignty and right to make this cultural exchange and help our neighbours, the Australian government is directly interfering with the peace process."

"It is time Indonesia and the rest of the world recognize indigenous sovereignty by allowing the Freedom Flotilla safe passage so we can take these important steps to work together towards a peaceful solution."

The Freedom Flotilla to West Papua collectively stated yesterday, "We demand that Indonesia drop all charges against the peaceful protestors in Sorong, that they release all political prisoners and they remove all there troops from West Papua."

Izzy Brown said, "Our 'Trudy' (vessel) needs a few repairs but nothing we can't fix, it does cost a bit to keep this journey moving though so donations much appreciated. And any last boats that wish to join us on our journey are welcome! The Freedom Flotilla will be full steam ahead to West Papua in the coming days."

Freedom Flotilla West Papua
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