Videos - Homelands explained

Homelands are communities established by Aboriginal people so that they can maintain their connection with their traditional, ancestral land. These communities have lower levels of social problems and significantly better health outcomes for Aboriginal people -- as well as a strengthened connection to culture, language and spirituality.

Mining plan risks a 'Lost World' of Aboriginal art at Bathurst Heads, northwest of Cooktown

The world's second richest woman, Gina Rinehart, inherited her money from her late father, Lang Hancock, who was a greedy racist who swindled a poor white prospector of an iron ore empire on First Nations land, without compensation. Her lust to make more billions is extreme, so everything her and her company announces must be treated with suspicion.

'The Forgotten War' - slaughter on stolen lands

Australia's forgotten war - New Book by Henry Reynolds
More "Frontier Wars" book reviews and an excellent interview with Henry Reynolds by Phillip Adams from ABC RN 'Late Night Live'


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