Rosie Fulton to be freed after 21 months in jail with no conviction

Finally: Rosie Anne Fulton, a diagnosed intellectually impaired First Nations woman who has been held in a West Australian jail without trial or conviction for 21 months, is to be moved to Alice Springs to be closer to her family.

Rosie Fulton

ABC John Stewart 25 June 2014 [node:read-more:link]

First Nation healers working to keep traditional medicine alive

In the Anangu Pitjintjatjara Yangkunjatjara lands in northern South Australia, Ngangkari healers work alongside doctors and medical staff in community clinics and hospitals, and often visit Adelaide to attend to Indigenous hospital patients.
In the mental health area their involvement in the care of Aboriginal people is even enshrined in state law, and Ngangkari deal with everything from childhood illnesses to loss of spirit.

Defend and Extend Medicare Campaign launched

The recent attempts by the Abbott led government to dismantle Australia's universal health care system – MEDICARE, is just the last in a long line of attempts by Liberal/National Party governments to destroy the Whitlam led Labor government's greatest reform – the introduction of a universal health care system that ensured all Australians had access to basic health care. [node:read-more:link]


Doctors: First Nation peoples experience widespread racism, even when seeking health care

First Nations people are experiencing racism while seeking health care, say Victorian researchers. The authors found those who had experienced racism in a health setting were more likely to experience increased psychological distress than those who experienced racism in a different setting or had experienced no racism at all. Almost every Aboriginal Victorian who participated in this survey had experienced at least one racist incident in the previous 12 months.
- Includes a summary of Coroners Report into the Death of Ms DHU, WA, 2016. [node:read-more:link]

Evidence for Indigenous Australian Agriculture

First Nations elders launch a campaign to tackle youth suicide

We end up with ideas on suicide prevention that come from Canberra and bear no semblance to what is needed in the community and on the ground

Rosie Anne Fulton still languishing in prison – Government without moral compass

After all the noise made by politicians last month, many of us assumed that Rosie Anne Fulton would be out of prison and the others in her boat well on the way for more appropriate accommodation ...

Gerry Georgatos The Stringer 5 April 2014 [node:read-more:link]

Racism makes me sick

Any type of stress can impact health, but none may be quite as toxic as the tension and anxiety people experience when they fear that they will be discriminated against, reveals a study in the USA

Jessie Daniels Racism Review 27 January 2014 [node:read-more:link]


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