Book argues against Aboriginal 'hunter gatherer' history

Why all Australian kids should learn First Nation peoples history

The archaeological history of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia is a truly remarkable story that very few Australians are aware of ... Perhaps the most deceptive myth perpetuated about Aboriginal society is the idea it was 'primitive', 'stone age', 'nomadic', or 'unevolved'. This type of thinking feeds racist stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes which continue to marginalise and disassociate Aboriginal Australians from the national identity.

'Let us go Home' - Perth Rally - Lockridge sacred land

Join us at the Rally - for justice and humanity for our People especially those who are homeless living on the streets and at risk of dying on the streets

Ask the Premier, Mr Barnett to let us go Home to our Sacred Land to live in peace and harmony as we did since the Beginning of Time. [node:read-more:link]

Bead currency used as possible first export industry before 'Australia'

European glass beads like this were traded for access to sea cucumber off the Arnhem Land coast
(Source: Mirani Litster and Daryl Wesley)

Anna Salleh ABC Science 6 December 2013 (some minor editing by SU)

Bead currency [node:read-more:link]

The Freedom Fighters - Tunnerminnerwait, Maulboyheenner and Truganini


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