The conference proceedings in video form of WHERE TO FROM HERE?

18 March 2022

Decolonisation and the Sovereign inherent right to self-determination

will be released on Monday 21 March 2002 on the

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Ghillar, Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union, last surviving member of the founding four of the Aboriginal Embassy and Head of State of the Euahlayi Peoples Republic introduces the conference ‘WHERE TO FROM HERE? Decolonisation and the Sovereign inherent right to self-determination’ which was held on 27 January 2022 at the Albert Hall, Canberra.

The record of the conference is in six parts. The links to trailers are:

> WHERE TO FROM HERE? 1&2-Trailer:

Decolonisation & sovereign inherent right to self-determination
- Ghillar, Michael Anderson (2:50)

The conference open with two detailed powerpoint presentations by Ghillar, Michael Anderson, of the legal arguments that confirm First Nations’ sovereignty and title to lands, and ownership of waters, natural resources and biodiversity. It is truth-telling of a very high order.

> WHERE TO FROM HERE? -3 Trailer

Master Tropes and Hegemony
- Prof Gary Lillienthal (2m)

Prof Gary Lilienthal PhD simplifies the complex psychological concept of the master tropes and their pattern of influence on the human mind by transforming metaphors to irony. He also takes us through ways to understand hegemony.


Do Australians Care about First Nations People? Where to from here?
- Part 4-trailer (1:40)

Elisa Choy, founder and managing director of Maven Data, analyses big data regarding the current state of play around the question: Do Australians care about First Nations people?


Q&A Do Australians Care? Elisa Choy - big data -trailer (1:54)

Elisa Choy moderates a lively discussions and answers questions on her big data analyses regarding the current state of play around the question: Do Australians care about First Nations people?


The New Way Summits that we started in 2010 were to alert our Peoples to the fact that we had to take a new approach in achieving our rights as First Nations Peoples. The Aboriginal Embassy had two significant signs in 1972: ‘Land Rights Now’ and the other ‘Sovereignty Never Ceded’.

The New Way Summits focused on what ‘Sovereignty Never Ceded’ means to First Nations Peoples in Australia?

Over the last 30 years I have concentrated on examining and defining sovereignty and the second part was how did the British gain title to the land? I have determined through legal argument that Native Title is a façade which attempts to legalise the theft of our land, waters and natural resources & biodiversity. The Native Title processes are managed under the Native Title Acts 1993 as amended which are plagued with double-speak, cleverly designed to steal that which is ours and we must always remember that it was a white man who wrote the Act. The elected white parliamentarians appoint the judges to rule over these ill-founded and illegal Acts. They just keep doing the wrong thing by ‘wresting the law unto themselves’.

The sovereignty question is very clear. First Nations Peoples’ Law comes from the celestial Law as given to us by the Creators and is established by the British credo that is around the world First in time, first in law and we have NEVER abandoned any of our lands, before British invasion or after. It’s just the fences that keep us out of our Country which are policed by their military police.

Our title is written in the land itself and this is why they allow mining companies to destroy our sacred sites, deface our rock art and destroy the etchings that are throughout our lands. By cutting down the carved trees, dendroglyphs, in the eastern states they are deliberately destroying our ritual statutes. All of these icons are our ritual statutes, which are the evidentiary proof of our title to our Country though our own Law. The customary practices of respecting each other’s Country and boundaries establish many customary practices which underlie the common law of the land, which we must observe. To be disrespectful of others’ language, sites, Stories is the greatest offence that can be done to any First Nations Peoples.

So the New Way for our Peoples is that the authorities have heard all our complaints through demonstrations. They can all hear our anger and frustration at being dispossessed and subjugated to foreign oppressive laws. The time has come now where we must change the way we do business by going back to Country defining our boundaries and developing governance so that we can lead our Peoples to be self-determining; to take ownership of our Cultural norms; lands; waters; natural resources and biodiversity once again.

The ground-breaking conference WHERE TO FROM HERE? provides deep insights and plenty of food for thought.